Food & Dairy

Contamination in dairy and food processing is a serious hazard that faces all food and dairy manufacturers. Many sources of contamination is actually present in dairy and food manufacturing plants.


Microbical and sanitation contamination are usually released into the food and dairy products by contact wether with equipment that are not sterile or staff.
Food & Dairy processors incorporate advanced water purification and reverse osmosis equipment to eliminate contaminants, microorganisms and other particulate from their water supplies, and to sterilize their water and steam using equipment for better sanitation and to increase consumer safety.
Ampac USA Offers the most advanced chemical-free reverse osmosis water purification and water treatment equipment to ensure full protection from the possibility of any water treatment chemicals interfering with the production, processing of food and dairy products.
The Ampac USA Water Purification Systems are the most advanced, most economical (water and energy savings), and environmentally safe for water treatment in the food and dairy processing industry today.
Reverse osmosis (RO) is the finest level of water purification and filtration currently available. Reverse Osmosis incorporate a pressure-driven membrane process that separates purified water from a feed stream. RO is so-called because it is the opposite of the natural process known as Osmosis Phenomenon.

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