Forward Osmosis

 Forward Osmosis Membranes

AMPAC USA has introduced Advanced Forward Osmosis Membranes for higher rejection of contaminants with the use of only natural osmotic pressure. These membranes are specially designed to reject contaminants and/or retain valuable compounds. Experts at our facility have now achieved higher rejections from the FO Membrane using just proteins in the active layer that are very selective to water molecules. This lowers the diffusion of draw solutes drastically. This process can be used individually or in combination with reverse osmosis for better water permeate results.

Forward Osmosis APPLICATIONS:

  • It enables you to retain valuable compounds and aspects in the solution like aromas, nutrients, flavors, and colors. It is a very big asset for the dairy, beverage and brewing industry to retain components for mil protein, beer, fruit juices, and coffee.
  • It is an essential part of the FO/RO process and acts as an important pre-treatment process before reverse osmosis. The presence of FO before RO protects the RO membrane with its low fouling propensity and acts as a double layer of filtration producing high quality permeate water.
  • It can be used for zero or even minimal liquid discharge applications that result in higher water recovery with a minimum amount of wastewater to be treated.