Disaster Relief

Disaster struck areas receive immediate support from all over the world. People join hands to help the survivors in every possible way. The biggest challenge in areas affected with natural disasters becomes ensuring the availability of food and water to affected people. Although transportation of food is also challenging but transportation of water is the toughest task. The best solution to this problem is a reliable and efficient water purification system that can ensure supply of pure and drinkable water from nearby lakes, ponds, seawater and other local water bodies. Ampac USA has wide range of products that are capable of producing safe and drinkable water for everyday use.

Ampac USA all endeavours in each water system are directed towards meeting the standards set by organizations like AWWA (the American Water Works Association). AWWA establishes standards of water equipment as it relates to emergency preparedness for large companies and utilities alike. It is a mandate for all the water purifier manufacturing companies to meet these standards as a necessity system to for disaster relief operations.

Call Ampac USA now to procure water purification systems that can meet these standards.

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