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High Purity Water

Ampac USA supplies point of use Ultra-pure systems that meet Type 1,2 and 3 laboratory specifications: Type 1 for ultra pure water; Type 2 for analytical-grade water and Type 3 for laboratory grade water. Purified water is essential in laboratory environments, from clinical labs to university research centers, as well as biopharmaceutical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The American Society for Testing and Materials has established standards to guide laboratories on the appropriate levels of water purity and Ampac USA's reagent grade laboratory water meets these specifications.

Providing ultra pure water treatment is integral to our company’s mission of helping to improve the quality of water across the globe.  Ultra pure water forms part of a complete line of reverse osmosis water systems, seawater desalination, water makers, water filtration and water purification equipment, including oil separation and waste water treatment systems with quality accessories that are custom fabricated, designed and manufactured to suit the full range of water treatment requirements.

In addition to manufacturing, R&D, warehousing and distribution, we are noted for our strong technical services, exceptional value and total cost of ownership (TCO), and the best customer satisfaction in the water treatment industry. We are here to assist with all of your specific customized applications, and our customers appreciate the care we take in bringing the best water possible to you.  With this level of service and commitment, Ampac USA reagent grade laboratory water systems provide the most advanced high purity water treatment solutions with something that tends to be critical at this level of purity and precision: peace of mind.


Reagent Grade Water / Laboratory Water Systems

Has several types and purity level. From General Chemistry (basic) , Low Organic , Pyrogen Free , and low Organic / Pyrogen free combination units.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM CAP/NCCLS)

Standard Specifications for Reagent Water

Conductivity @ 25°C (microhos/cm) 0.06 1 4 5
Total Silica (µ/L) 3 3 500   -
Total Organic Carbon (µ/L) 50 50 200   -
Chlorides (µ/L) 1 5 10   50
Sodium (µ/L) 1 5 10   50
pH* - - -   5-8


Type Reagent Water

Type A Type B Type A

Max Heterotrophic Bacteria Count

10/1000 mL 10/1000 mL 10/1000 mL
Endotoxin, EU/mL <0.03 0.25 N/A

Ampac USA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced water purification and reverse osmosis equipment, commercial reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and residential drinking water filtration and water purification systems.

Ampac USA produces the highest quality mobile solar power systems, oil separators, waste water treatment systems, water coolers, automatic media filters, cartridge filters, water softeners, ultraviolet sterilizers, chemical dosing systems, ozone systems and custom built water treatment equipment.  Engineered to perform comfortably under the toughest operating conditions, their robustness, durability and strongly competitive price points result in superior total cost of ownership (TCO) and outstanding value.



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