Mobile Water Treatment

Ampac USA manufactures both mobile water provisioning and mobile water treatment systems.

Water purification can be required at anywhere at home or even when you are traveling since pure and drinkable water is a necessity for life. Ampac USA has high tech provisions for both fixed and mobile water treatment systems.

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There are two ways of bringing about a solution for the mobile water purification. The mobile water purification systems focus on bringing the usable water to emergency, remote or under-served locations, where otherwise it is difficult to fetch pure water. On the other hand, mobile water treatment systems bring the ability to mitigate wastewater to remote, emergency or under-served locations.

Mobile water treatment is ideally used for no fixed infrastructure facilities like industrial or distant agricultural facilities with run-off or no water reclamation operations and emergency response operations. With a very innovative and highly technical water treatment application, 85% of the swimming pool water is conserved at the Ampac USA's home state of California. Without this system, all of this water would have been discharged.

At Ampac USA, we custom design the mobile water treatment applications to suit the purpose and range of water conditions. We understand the requirement, create a customised solution and then manufacture the system after client approval. To know in details about the benefits of mobile water treatment, drop us an email at [email protected] or speak to one of our representatives at (818) 700-8015.


Features and Benefits

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