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Ampac USA makes advanced, professional-grade reverse osmosis drinking water systems for the Water Store Business.

Each Water Store RO water system is customized to meet the needs of different Client specifications to produce the highest purity water more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our commitment as Watermakers is to provide the highest quality water for commercial, retail & industrial use. To help meet the growing demand we customize and optimize to give customers the best reverse osmosis water filtration systems, cost-effectively.

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Water Store Reverse Osmosis may appear to be complex, but it is, in fact, a straightforward water purification and water filtration process which is not new. High-pressure pumps have been used to force water from any source, converting it to pure drinking water for years. The heart of the Water Store Reverse Osmosis System is the membrane that can remove microscopic impurities and particles larger than .001 microns in size. Almost all contaminants and dissolved salts can be eliminated by an RO membrane though all membranes are not alike. Depending on the demands of the process and the type of dissolved impurities, the best membrane for your application is recommended. It is also important to match the right membrane with the drain flow to make sure the proper product to waste ratio is met. If the combination is mismatched, then either excess water will drain out, or it will cause premature dirtying of the membrane.

The most popular type of RO system uses the spiral wound that makes up the chlorine tolerant CTA (cellulose tri-acetate) and the thin film composite/material TFC/TFM variety. The chlorination process is essential for well water application. Quality RO membranes remove all heavy metals like lead, arsenic, iron, mercury, cadmium while minimizing nitrates, sulfates, phosphates, herbicides, and pesticides. But our focus is also on mobility provisions and on the quantity of water. The AP3000-SM Water Store Reverse Osmosis System is capable of producing 3000 Gallons per day of fresh drinking water. The advanced RO equipment can pump up to 26 Gallons per minute to fill the source and uses twenty-inch sediment and carbon block pre-filters. The system is very useful for high-quality drinking water applications such as water stores, bottling plants, food and beverages and pharmaceutical industries.

Due to decreased drinking water quality and availability in many countries, the bottled water industry has increased globally for the past 25 years. Water stores are retail outlets where water is purified on-site. Empty bottles are typically filled by a water store with purified and alkaline water. Customers can fill their own bottles as and when they need to.

Los Angeles based Ampac USA has created systems for all types of commercial, hospitality, restaurant, and industrial applications. Since different water problems call for different solutions, we have created various solutions for optimizing commercial bottling plants, water stores and industries both at home and internationally. Knowing that one-size water filtration systems do not fit all, we have world class commercial reverse osmosis systems in all sizes with the most cost effective way possible. With a choice to opt for drinking RO systems from simple to multi-stage equipment, including zero-waste systems, there’s something for everyone.

Contact Ampac USA to help you determine the most suitable RO water system for your application.


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