Mobile & Solar Water Treatment

Emergency Mobile Solar Water Desalination System can provide critical support to missions that are transient or portable in nature.

AMPAC USA manufactures Advanced Mobile Water Treatment, Water Purification and Seawater Desalination systems that can be relocated on their own mobile platforms such as enclosed truck trailers for vehicular towing, even to remote locations with no access to the electrical grid through optional solar- or fuel-driven power generators. Mobile and solar water treatment plants are the much-required resources at the time of disaster and emergency situations.

In the disaster-struck areas, the biggest problem that emerges is the supply of water. Providing safe and drinkable water to disaster-affected victims becomes a big matter of concern for the rescue teams.

The Mobile and Solar Water Treatment equipment are the most convenient solution to these problems. These equipment are designed to meet the emergency situations effectively. A fixed source of energy is or a huge power supply is not required to operate this equipment. These can be operated anywhere and usually a mobile van fitted in with the water treatment plant is used for this purpose. These mobile water purifiers work on solar energy or fuel has driven power generators. These mobile and solar water treatment plants are equally efficient in producing safe and pure drinkable water as any power-operated water purifier does.
AMPAC USA Mobile Water Treatment Systems are recognized globally by some of the most discerning end-users for their rugged durability, reliability, and mobility. A parallel military product line called ROWPU (reverse osmosis water purification unit) is approved for use by NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance between the United States and several European partner countries. For more details, you can fill our contact form or give us a call on our toll-free number 877-611-8530.