The suitability of nearby water sources for hydroponic farming depends on the dissolved ions present in the water and the type of crops being grown. If there is a mismatch, then the water must be treated before being supplied to the plants.


Ampac USA reverse osmosis systems provide a cost-effective alternative to more labor- and space- intensive ways of preparing water for hydroponic plants. Since reverse osmosis water -- or "RO water" in farming parlance -- is devoid of any ions, it carries no risk of mismatch and is suitable for all hydroponic crops.

Provisioning systems for hydroponic farming can be sourced from municipal lines or nearby groundwater reservoirs. For groundwater, pre-treatment reduces the total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration and eliminates sediment, suspended solids and microorganisms, while for municipal supplies, the main focus is removal of chlorine and if present due to breached plumbing, microorganisms.

Residual dissolved ions are then removed through reverse osmosis, and then post-filtration is performed to balance the acidity of the water (pH). At the end of this cycle, the water is ready for hydroponics use.

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