Mobile Water Provisioning Systems

Ampac USA mobile water provisioning systems range from luggage sized, hand-pulled weatherproof mini-water-production plants to self-contained enclosed trailers that can provide drinking water for a small city, temporarily or permanently. These systems are designed and structured carefully by the experienced engineers at Ampac to ensure perfect functioning of these systems. The capacity and capability of these systems is also taken into account as these are mostly used for emergency situations.

These mobile systems are frequently used in temporary projects to build certain facilities, and then are assigned to future projects for a similar water provisioning role.  They are also used for "roving" water provisioning, such as along a route of coastal communities, stopping to fill storage tanks along the way.

For locations with limited or no access to an electrical power grid, optional diesel- or gasoline- driven power generators can be installed and calibrated by Ampac USA into a seamless system built on the same platform. These systems are capable of meeting the requirements of areas that are unfortunately struck with disaster or are declared as emergency areas. These are infact ways of technology to meet the emergency situations where safe and drinkable water supply to the residents also becomes a matter of national concern.

Ampac USA has immense options for delivering these water provisioning systems with multiple options. These can also be customised according to the need of the client. You can fill our contact form for one of our representatives to get in touch with you or you can call us directly on the toll free number 877-611-8530 for detailed assistance on our mobile water provisioning systems. 

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