Commercial Ultra Violet Sterilizers

Ultra Violet Disinfection Sterlilizers, Ampac USA carry a large selection of UV Sterilizing Lamps to accommodate many appplications.  

Ampac USA has the lamp to fit your project.

UV (ultraviolet) Sterilizers are great Post-Treatment devices for all Water Purification and Sea Water Desalination Processes, UV sterilizers offer unique benefits from water disinfection, clarification to effective management of various water-borne microorganisms including free-floating algae.

Ultra Violet Sterilization is a safe and natural Technology to reduce waterborne pathogens and algae that causes “coloring”. UV is as natural as sunlight. Unlike chemical treatment.

A UV sterilizer works in harmony with other essential filters by eliminating nuisance green water caused by waterborne algae that can easily create problems and ultimately reduce filter efficiency. 

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