Watts Big-Bubba Pleated Cartridge 5 µm (BBC-150-P5 PP 5 Micron)

Brand: Ampac USA
Price: $204.95 *
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Product Code: BBC-150-P5
Made in USA

When depth filtration is necessary for gelatinous substances or if chemical resistance is required, AMPAC USA recommends this advanced Melt blown polypropylene sediment filter cartridges. Ideal cartridges for more critical applications, offering greater efficiency, more surface area for greater throughput and reduced costs. Watts Big-Bubba Pleated Cartridge 5 Micron |  BBC-150-P5 (BBC-150-P5 PP 5 Micron)

  • Fits all Big Bubba BBH-150 Filter Housings

  • 5 Micron

  • Double O-Ring Seals

  • Jumbo Cartridge Filters

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