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  • UV Light Bulb Replacement |UV-610RL | Ampac USA

UV Light Bulb Replacement |UV-610RL

Replacement light bulb for OPP-UV6W UV filters.

  • UV Output: 1.7W
  • UV Illumination: 16.7µ W/cm2
  • UV Wave Length: 2537A
Ampac USA offers UV Light Bulb Replacement, UV-610RL for OPP-UV6W UV filters from MicroFilter for the nominal price of $21.95. Call us at 877-611-8530 to Know more.

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UV Light Bulb Replacement |UV-610RL | Ampac USA

  • Brand: MicroFilter
  • Model: UV-610RL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $21.95

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