Tannin Removal Filter

Brand: Ampac USA
Product Code: WSE-TN08
Made in USA

The AMPAC USA Tannin Removal Filter | WSE-TN08 effectively removes tannins which may have entered your good water. Tannins are decayed animal and vegetable matter which discolor your water and cause it to stain almost everything it comes in contact with. 

Tannins are formed upon the decomposition of vegetation. These compounds are large molecular weight organics that fall under two large primary categories: Humic acids and Fulvic acids. These are simplified structures.

The structure of the tannin varies, depending on the plant life in a given area. Tannins can cause a yellow to brown cast in water and may also impart a taste and odor. They will generally be found in surface water supplies or shallow wells.

Although these compounds are not a health risk, they are aesthetically displeasing. Tannins are difficult to remove from water.

Styrene-based macroporous anion resin has long been used to remove tannins from water. The New AMPAC USA Acrylic Based Resins have emerged on the market and are producing excellent results when removing tannins from water.

APPLICATION: How to Remove Tannin from Water

It is usually recommended that the water is treated by a softener prior to the tannin removal unit. The softener removes hardness and metals. It should be noted, that tannins will pass through softening resin (cation resin) without any detrimental effects. Hardness levels greater than 10 grains passing into the tannin unit may precipitate calcium carbonate. This is a white precipitate that will restrict flow through the unit. Metals like iron can also foul the anion resin, reducing the anions ability to remove tannins. This is why it is important to have a water softener prior to the Tannin Removal Filter


  • Regenerates with Sodium chloride (salt)
  • Removes tannins, organics, and heme iron
  • Reduces color and Staining, and improves the taste of water
  • A fraction of the cost of digging a new well or linking up to a city water main
  • Rust-proof fiberglass tanks 150 PSI operating pressure. Ten-year warranty on tank
  • Five-year warranty on valve
  • Battery backup on electronic controls.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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