Pura Ultra Violet Water Filter UV20-SL1

Brand: Ampac USA
Product Code: 15710100
Made in USA

PURA Product’s Pura Ultra Violet Water Filter UV20 -1-110 is designed to provide disinfected water at a flow rate of 8-10 per minute. This system is ideal for whole house water treatment. In addition to disinfection, the double and triple models provide filtration for the removal of sediment and chemical contaminants. This ultraviolet water treatment system makes a perfect companion to the water softener, distillers,  reverse osmosis sand ozone systems. The UV20 Series has proven to be PURA Product’s most popular product line and has created and industry standard in whole-house disinfection.


  • Electronic Lamp indicator (LED)
  • Standard voltage 115V
  • I/O 3/4" NPT


  • 220/50hz (2-prong Euro Plug)
  • 10 Micron Carbon Block Filter (8gpm) 20" SL
  • 12V DC
  • Lamp out Circuit (LOC)-(normally open) Safety monitor for alarm
  • Lamp Out Circuit (LOC) normally closed) Safety monitor for solenoid shut off


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