Pura Ultra Violet Water Filter UV1

Brand: Ampac USA
Product Code: 15910111
Made in USA

PURA UV1-EPCB Single Stage Undersink Drinking Water Unit

PURA's patented Pura UV Whole House Ultra Violet Sterilizer | UV1-EPCB Series is designed to provide disinfected water at a flow of 1 gallon per minute. In addition to disinfection, water is filtered through our .5 micron Extended Pass Carbon Block (EPCB) filter, which also removes Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia Cysts. Our double and triple models provide you with additional filtration for removal of heavy sediments and/or chemical contaminants.

This Whole House Water Filters series is available with an optimal Lamp Out Circuit (LOC). In the event of a lamp or power failure this circuit can activate a solenoid valve and/or and audible alarm. This compact All-in-One system installs with ease and can be used anywhere that clean, clear, good tasting disinfected water is needed and is ideal for point-of-use applications like: Under the kitchen sink, office water coolers, water vending machines, boats, recreational vehicles, etc.




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