Iron Manganese Removal Filter 8.0

Brand: Ampac USA
Product Code: WSE-IM08
Made in USA

The AMPAC USA Iron-Manganese Green Sand Filter is designed to remove high levels of Iron up to 20 ppm, sulfur/hydrogen sulfide (H2S or Rotten egg odour) up to 15 ppm, manganese, lead, silt, turbidity, and other trace amounts of metals such as copper, arsenic, and uranium

The AMPAC USA Iron Manganese Removal Filter 8.0, WSE-IM08 uses a high-quality manganese greensand media. The system is usually installed on the main water line feeding the whole house.

Green Sand Filter Media oxidize Raw Water Supply by causing precipitation, trapping iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide present in your water supply resulting in a clean, filtered water flow to your household.

The Green Sand Media is periodically regenerated automatically using potassium permanganate. The system comes with the Potassium Permanganate Tank. (Removal per Cubic Foot)

  • 5 ppm of Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odour)
  • 15 ppm of both ferric (oxidized) and ferrous (clear) iron
  • 10 ppm of manganese

Note: These systems are designed for water supplies with pH between 6.2 and 8.8. If your water supply has a pH of 6.1 or less, you need to neutralize pH before passing through this system. 

Tank Size: 9" Diameter X 48" Height
Required Installation Space: 12" x 24"
Plumbing: 3/4" & 1" Plumbing
Operating Pressure: 20 - 150 PSI
Operating Temperature: 36 - 120°F (2-38.9°C)
Service Flow Rate: 7 GPM (26.5 LPM) Standard for Typical House Hold
pH Range: 5.0 - 9.0      


Manganese Greensand filters are designed for operation with intermittent regenerations.

Calculating the removal capacity on a total concentration of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide, the following is a template for the approximate demand on a greensand filter.

To calculate capacity: 

Regenerated with 4 ounces (0.25 lbs.) of KMnO4, one cubic foot of manganese greensand will be effective for approx. 10,000 ppm of removal.

To calculate demand:


4.0 ppm Iron (Fe) x 1.0 = 4.0 ppm

0.4 ppm Manganese (Mn) x 2.0 = 0.8 ppm

0.2 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) x 5.0 = 1.0 ppm


To calculate gallons between regenerations per cubic foot:

10,000 ppm capacity per cubic foot / 5.8 ppm demand = 1724 gallons.


*Prices are subject to change without notice.


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