High Purity LAB Water Skid APRO-DI 1500

Brand: Ampac USA
Product Code: APRO-DI15
Made in USA

High Purity Lab Water Skid APRO/DI1500

Ampac USA's Pre-Engineered Laboratory Water Systems are designed to serve as the centralized, purified water source for a variety of academic, medical, and other research laboratory facilities.

Designed to meet or exceed the Type II reagent- grade water platform set forth by CAP/NCCLS and ASTM standards. Standard systems are furnished with all the Pre-treatment equipment, fully assembled, and factory-tested on an aluminum skid package to minimize field installation and start-up costs. The standard system includes the following equipment:

  • Twin Alternating Ion Exchange Water Softening Pre-Treatment Modules

  • Activated Carbon Pre-Treatment Modules

  • Sediment Pre-Filtration

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Process

  • RO water storage tank

  • Stainless steel distribution pumps

  • DI exchange polishers (portable exchange type)

  • Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer

  • Final sub-micron filter (0.2 micron)

  • Central control panel with purity monitoring.


Operating Parameters:

  • Operating RO Pressure: 200-250 PSIG

  • Nominal RO Recovery: 50–65%

  • Nominal TDS Rejection: 98–99% (RO unit)

  • DI Water Quality: 16-18 Mega Ohms

  • Operating Temperature: 45–85° F

  • Design Temperature: 50° F

  • Minimum Inlet Pressure: 50 PSIG

  • Electrical Requirement: 240 VAC, 1 or 3-phase, 50 or 60 Hz.

  • DI Loop Outlet Pressure: 75 PSIG


Materials of Construction:

  • Skid Frame: Fully Welded Epoxy-coated Aluminum 

  • Membrane Elements: Thin-film Composite (TFC) • Membrane Housings: FRP

  • Low-Pressure Piping: Sch 80 PVC

  • High RO pressure piping: 316SS

  • RO/DI Water Storage Tank: Polyethylene

  • DI Water Loop Piping: Fusion-welded Polypropylene Pump and Motor

  • Pump: 316SS vertical multistage centrifugal

  • Automatic backwashing carbon filter (timer)

  • Twin alternating water softener (metered)

  • Single-pass Reverse Osmosis unit

  • Conical bottom closed top storage tank

  • Storage tank level controller and mounting stand

  • Duplex RO/DI distribution pumps (2 x 100%)

  • Primary/Polisher mixed bed DI polishers

  • UV Sterilizer unit with intensity monitor (254 nm)

  • NEMA-4 Electrical enclosures

  • Pre-wired motor starters with fused disconnect switch

  • DI Water outlet flowmeter

  • DI Water outlet resistivity monitor


Optional Equipment

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems

  • Remote Communications with Touchscreen  HMI 

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)

  • Multi-media filter pre-treatment

  • Type III Lab Systems



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