Reverse Osmosis - 5 Stage with Booster Pump

Brand: Ampac USA
Price: $399.95 *
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Product Code: APRO5-P
Made in USA
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The AMPAC USA  5 stage Reverse Osmosis Booster pump drinking water system is a high capacity 36 to 100 GPD (Gallon per day) system designed for Homes with Low-Pressure Feed, high usage, and custom installations where the system will feed more than one faucet. 

This AMPAC USA APRO5P drinking water system is equipped with a Booster Pump (Silent) to raise the pressure from 0 PSI to 65 PSI. It can be also equipped with an optional high flow delivery pump that greatly increases the flow rate. The AMPAC USA APRO5-P features a TFC membrane and is offered with an optional ultraviolet.

If your feed water comes from a well, then this is the ideal system for your home.

Standard Features:

  • Aquatec CDP6800 Pump for up to 50GPD.
  • 10" Sediment Pre-Filter 5 M. Polypropylene.
  • 10" KDF-GAC Pre-Filter Cartridge.
  • 10" Carbon Block Pre-Filter.
  • TFC Membrane & Auto. Shut-off Valve.
  • In-Line GAC Post-Filter.
  • 4.4 Gallons Pressure Tank With Ball Valve.
  • Standard Long Reach SS Lead-Free Faucet.
  • All Quality Color Coded Tubing Included.
  • Feed Water Valve, and Drain Valve.
  • Heavy Duty, Built-in Check Valve.
  • Available 120V/60Hz, and 220V/50Hz.
  • Installation Manual, Registration Card.

Consumables and Replacement Filters:

  • Replacement Set of Filters


 *Prices are subject to change without notice.


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