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Ampac USA offers a comprehensive line of Residential Water Reverse Osmosis Treatment options including end-to-end multi-stage systems, contaminant-specific treatments, fully automated appliances, complementary components to existing installations, and of course genuine, top-line quality spare parts.  

Ampac USA pioneered the development and design of water treatment systems incorporating all pre-treatment and post-treatment stages into the same equipment, an innovation still fairly unique in the industry, particularly the residential segment. 

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Ampac USA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced water purification and Reverse Osmosis Equipment, commercial reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and residential drinking water filtration and water purification systems.

Ampac USA produces the highest quality Residential Reverse Osmosismobile solar power systems, oil separators, RO waste water treatment systems, water coolers, RO Water Purifier, automatic media filters, cartridge filters, water softeners, ultraviolet sterilizers, chemical dosing systems, ozone systems and custom built water treatment equipment.  Engineered to perform comfortably under the toughest operating conditions, their robustness, durability and strongly competitive price points result in the superior total cost of ownership (TCO) and outstanding value.