Mobile Turnkey Reverse Osmosis 10,000 GPD | 37.9m3/Day

Brand: Ampac USA
Product Code: BWRO-10K-LXC
Made in USA

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AMPAC USA offers Emergency Mobile Turnkey Brackish Reverse Osmosis 10,000 GPD/37.9m3/day | BWRO-10K-LXC that are fully self-contained in Custom or Intermodal Connex Shipping Containers. These Heavy Duty Reverse Osmosis Plants are suitable for most water treatment applications using the following: Separation, Filtration, Ion Exchange, Carbon treatment, Chemical Injection, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet Disinfection, and pH Adjust,

The Ampac USA Advanced Portable Reverse Osmosis Units are Rugged, lightweight, affordable design for even the most remote locations. AMPAC USA offers Emergency Mobile Water Purification Systems, providing rapid response for a full range of Process Water Purification, Drinking Water Purification, Seawater Desalination, Groundwater Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Reverse Osmosis Purification, Water Filtration, Demineralization and Softening treatment on demand.

Emergency Mobile water treatment is available quickly for an emergency, military, supplemental, or extended term service application. The AMPAC USA Emergency Mobile Water Treatment Systems can be operated by an AMPAC USA Field Service Representative or by your plant personnel, or remotely monitored.  

Ampac USA provides training for Start UP, operation, troubleshooting and technical support with every Emergency Mobile Water Purification System manufactured in house. Automatic Operation & Shut Down features protect from power failure, excess pressure, and off-specification water Quality.

The BWRO-10K-LXC Reverse Osmosis Units are capable of being optimized to produce up to 28GPM (105 LPM) of Purified water. AMPAC USA manufactures all its equipment to NSF/WQA/ISO 9001 quality standards.  Ampac USA will help you in every way to minimize your emergency water purification situation.

Standard Features:

  • Fully Enclosed Aluminum 7’ x 16’ Enclosed Container with Flow-Thru Sidewall Vents
  • Diesel Generator with Sound Enclosure Suitable for Continuous Use
  • Smart-on-Demand Grundfos Vertical Supply Pump Stainless Steel 316L 
  • Spin Down Screen Pre-Filter with Manual Flush Valve 
  • Multimedia KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate Pre-Filter w/auto-backwash valve 
  • Ion Exchange Water Softener w/auto-backwash valve 
  • 4” x 20” High Flow Sediment Pre-Filter 25 Micron 
  • 4” x 20” High Flow Sediment Pre-Filter 05 Micron 
  • Horizontal Multi-Stage Stainless Steel High-Pressure Jet Pump with Safeguards (70GPM@225 PSI) 
  • Inlet Solenoid Valve with Bypass
  • Low pressure cut off Pressure Switch
  • Codeline FRP Pressure Vessels 
  • Filmtec Dow Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements
  • Powder-coated, Welded Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Diamond Plate.      


  • Automatic Operating Programmable logic controller UL/CE Approved with:  
    • Smart Relay    
    • Delayed start-up of high-pressure pump    
    • Inlet Solenoid Valve    
    • Low & High Feed Pressure Switch Controls    
    • Supply & Delivery Pumps Controls    
    • R/P Storage Tank-Full Pump on/off    
    • Auto Flush Cycle    
    • Pre-Treat Lockout    
    • TDS/Conductivity Monitor    
    • Temperature Monitor    
    • Hour Meter
  • Complete Panel for Easy Controls
  • 8 Count Stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauges
  • Permeate and concentrate flow meters
  • Stainless Steel System Pressure Control
  • Stainless Steel Recycle Pressure Valve
  • On/Off Main Power Switches for all pumps
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection Sterilizer
  • Ozone Generator with Circulation Loop, Timer & Bypass. 
  • Ultra-Filtration (UF) Optional.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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