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Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry requires reliable water provisions for process and staff consumption.  For oil & gas E&P (exploration & production) in remote areas without access to clean water, Ampac USA is a trusted partner, delivering critical supplies at the needed quantity and quality.  Often, these remote areas involve extreme environments such as the searing heat of deserts, heaving waters of offshore rigs, and frigid temperatures of polar regions -- well within Ampac USA's operating margins.  

Complementing its renowned water provisioning capabilities, Ampac USA manufactures some of the most effective and efficient water treatment systems for wastewater mitigation, converting produced water from oil & gas E&P into point source compliant discharge or re-usable reclaimed wastewater.  

For peace of mind in E&P safety, Ampac USA systems can be configured to Class1 Div2 explosion proof standards.

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Portable Emergency Seawater Desalination Watermaker 150GPD | 560LPD

In the case of Natural Disasters or wars or for small boats, The Ampac USA Portable Emergency Sea Water Desalination System is a very simple watermaker to use and does not need any skills to operate. This Advanced Portable Watermaker is designed to convert Sea water to Pure Drinking Water within seconds with just a push of a button.  This Watermaker will also purify Well Water or Surface Water and..

Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Watermaker 4,500 GPD | 17,000 LPD

The AMPAC USA Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis Watermaker 4500 GPD (Gallons per Day) / 17,000 LPD (Liters Per Day) Marine Based Watermaker System is a minimum power watermaker engineered for PSV's, MPSV's and AHTS, and is a horizontal one-piece frame configuration with internal High Pressure Booster Pump for ease of use in compact locations. The super quiet SW4500 SeaPro Watermaker features a..

Sea Water Desalination Watermaker (Land Based) - Model: SW6000-LX

Ampac USA Seawater Desalination Watermaker Land Based 6,000 GPDD/ 22,710 LPD | SW6000-LXProduction Capacity: 6,000 GPD (Gallons per Day) / 22,710 LPD (Liters per Day)Make of System:Fully automated Turnkey Sea Water Desalination Watermaker (SWRO) for Land Based Applications, Larger Boats, Ships, PSV, MPSV and AHTS type Vessels.  This SWRO includ Pre-Treatment Modules, Seawater Rev..

Off-Shore Sea Water Desalination Watermaker SW20K-Class1-Div2

AMPAC USA  Off-Shore Sea Water Desalination Watermaker SW20K-Class1-Div2 | SW20K-C1D2 Make of System:Fully automated Explosion Proof OffShore Sea Water Desalination Watermaker SW20K-Class1-Div2 Turnkey mainly for Oil Platforms capable of producing 10,000 GPD (Gallons per day) / (38m³/day) (238 BPD) of Pure Fresh Drinking Water from the Sea including Pre-Treatment Modules, Sea Water Desalinat..

Mobile Seawater Desalination Plant | SW100K-LX-C New

Mobile Seawater Desalination Plant | SW100K-LX-C

Make of System:The Ampac USA Fully Packaged (Containerized) Seawater Desalination Watermaker System - Model: SW100K-LX-C is a Fully Automated Turnkey System. This Seawater Desalination Plant is capable of producing 100,000 GPD (Gallons per day) (387m³/day), from Seawater to Pure Drinking Water, the plant includes all necessary Pre-Treatment Modules, Seawater Desalinat..

Industrial Reverse Osmosis 20,000 GPD | 3.18m3/hr

The AMPAC USA Fully Equipped LX Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis 20,000 GPD|  AP20K-LX is designed and custom built to meet our Clients requirements and specifications for reliable higher purity water and higher efficiency for a variety of manufacturing processes. Please call AMPAC USA to find the Reverse Osmosis system that works best for your process or application.Standard Features:..

Mobile Turnkey Reverse Osmosis Water Purification 80,000 GPD | 12.6m³/hr.

AMPAC USA offers Emergency Mobile Water Purification Industrial Turnkey Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 80,000 GPD | 12.6m3/hr. | BWRO80K-LX that are fully self-contained in Custom or Intermodal Connex Shipping Containers. These Heavy Duty Reverse Osmosis Plants are suitable for most water treatment applications using the following: Separation, Filtration, Ion Exchange, Carbon treatment, Anti-Scala..