Four Gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank

Brand: Ampac USA
Price: $48.50 *
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Product Code: T4
Made in USA

Four Gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank  

Stainless steel 1/4" NPT valve thread connection to connect to RO systems and other water producing applications. Smooth internal air vent cap prevents diaphragm damages. High-grade butyl diaphragm and post-cure procedures ensure a safe, tasteless and odorless water chamber. Discharges effectively in a vertical or horizontal position. Tested by independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI Standard. IAMPO approved. CE Mark approved

Tank Specifications:

- Total Volume 4 Gallons / 15.1 Liters

- Holding Capacity 3.2 Gallons / 12.1 Liters

- Tank Pre-Charge 6 PSI

- Inlet Size 1/4" Dimensions

- H x D: 14" x 11"

- Weight 3 Lbs

- Maximum Working Conditions 100 PSI

- Certifications NSF 58 Warranty 1 Year 

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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