Dow Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membrane TW30-1812-50

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Dow Filmtec Membrane Element 50 GPD Model TW30-1812-50 | AMPAC USA

DOW FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are specially made for home drinking water treatment units and are regarded as the most reliable elements in the industry. Dow is known for product consistency achieved by automated fabrication that assists tight specifications required. The RO membrane TW30-1812-50 is a durable and sturdy product best for home water treatment systems.

This particular membrane element provides 50 gallons of fresh drinking water per day and with constant maintenance, can last up to years. The product produces higher flux which directly results in higher yield. Usually, it is dry packaged for elongating its shelf life. This product is not only compatible with its previous product versions but with almost every RO filter there is. Buy the best Dow products including this Filmtec Membrane Element 50 GPD Model TW30-1812-50 only from AMPAC USA at the best price!


  • The first full tank of permeate has to be discarded exactly after the installation of the Filmtec TW30-1812-50. The initial permeate can in no way be used for drinking water or food preparation.
  • After the initial wetting of Filmtec TW30-1812-50, the element has to be kept moist at all times.
  • Filmtec TW30-1812-50 membrane elements will have to be immersed in a preservative solution during prolonged system shutdowns to avoid biological growth.
  • The membrane may show some resistance to hypochlorite, attack by chlorine and continuous exposure can be damaging and so should be avoided.
  • One way to preserve the performance of Dow Filmtec TW30-1812-50 is two keep monitoring the pre-filter performance and change them when needed for better chlorine rejection.
  • Both, the filters and the membranes should be changed periodically in suggested frequency. Additionally, the system must be cared for by standard verified products or call experts to take care of it for you.

Additional Details

  • Applied Pressure (psi / bar): 50 / 3.4
  • Permeate Flow Rate gpd (l/h): 50 (7.9)
  • Stabilized Salt Rejection (%): 98
  • Made in the USA and NSF Certified


  • Permeate flow rate and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 250 ppm softened tap water, 77°F (25°C), 50 psi (3.4 bar) and 15% recovery.
  • Permeate flows for individual elements may vary by +/-20%.
  • Minimum Salt Rejection is 96%
  • Product specifications may vary slightly as improvements are implemented.
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