Counter Top Water Filter - White

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Counter Top Water Filter- White, APCT 10W | Ampac USA

  • The Ampac USA™ Counter Top water filter is popular because of its low cost, ease of installation, and great performance!
  • The Ampac™ Counter Top Systems is made of quality metals and plastics. We can provide these in bulk or assembled units.
  • The pictures show the compression fittings with our specially designed stand which makes the unit more attractive and stable on the counter top.
  • We can provide a wide variety of adapters and diverter valves. We also offer a different type of Feed Diverter Valve which is specially designed for low-pressure applications.
  • Alkaline Filter can be integrated with this Counter Top Water Filter.

Standard Features:

  • Free-Standing, Clear countertop water filter system featuring a 2" x 10" GAC Filter.
  • Connect to your existing cold water or mixer faucet with an easily attached diverter valve.
  • Efficient, based on testing to NSF 42 & 53 and other International water testing standards.
  • Countertop Filter System provides a high level of chlorine taste and odor and organics removal.
  • Efficient at the removal of Lead and other heavy metal reduction.
  • Package includes: Filter housing with 1/4” Inlet and Outlet, diverter valve, faucet, tubing, quick-connect fittings and a GAC Filter (Activated Coconut shell Carbon Filter). 
  • Optional KDF-GAC, KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate, Alkaline Filter.
  • The Counter Top Water Filter compact size and superior performance make it the perfect choice for apartments, boats, RV's.
  • The Counter Top Water Filter easily connect to the kitchen faucet and has a valve to push button to switch between filtered or unfiltered water to be drawn from the existing faucet at the press of a button.
  • Maximum output of the Counter Top Water Filter is designed to be 1 GPM, under typical water pressure conditions of 60 psi.
  • Perfect for homes with (1-4 people) on municipal water. Best quality, low maintenance, fits under sink. Best Price.
  • Made in USA


GAC Cartridge:

  • Removes > 99% of 10 micron Particles.
  • Improves Taste, Eliminates Odors.
  • Easy Cartridge Replacement.
  • Maximum Capacity 2,000 Gallons.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC): GAC filtration is most effective in removing organic contaminants from water. Organic substances are composed of two basic elements, carbon and hydrogen. Because organic chemicals are often responsible for taste, odor, and color problems, GAC filtration can generally be used to improve aesthetically objectionable water. GAC filtration will also remove any excess chlorine. GAC filtration is recognized by the Water Quality Association to maintain drinking water contaminants within the limits of the EPA National Drinking Water Standards  

KDF-GAC Cartridge:

  • Removes Hardness from Water.
  • Bacteriostatic Media: Prevents Bacteria Growth.
  • Improves Taste, Eliminates Odors.
  • Improves Water Clarity.
  • Maximum Capacity 5,000 Gallons.

KDF Media: KDF Process Media are high-purity, granulated copper and zinc-based alloys that treat water and waste water through a process based upon the principle of re (Oxidation-Reduction Originally, KDF was shorthand for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion.

  • KDF Process Media enhance the performance, extend the life, reduce the maintenance and lower the total cost of carbon-based Media to follow.
  • KDF Process Media help control microorganisms by creating an environment that’s deadly to some microorganisms and that interferes with the ability of many other microorganisms to function. Either way, the use of KDF Process Media results in the total elimination of some contaminants and a great reduction of a wide variety of others which will protect the RO Membrane elements from Fouling by any bacterial growth.

  KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate Cartridge:

  • Change the Hardness Chemically for not to corrode or stick inside pipelines.
  • Removes Hardness from Water.
  • Bacteriostatic Media: Prevents Bacteria Growth.
  • Improves Taste, Eliminates Odors.
  • Improves Water Clarity.
  • Maximum Capacity 5,000 Gallons.

Polyphosphate Media: is added to mask the effects of high iron concentrations. The Polyphosphate delays the precipitation of oxidized manganese and iron, thereby greatly reducing the layer of scale that forms on the pipes. The effect is called sequestration. The iron or manganese ion is surrounded by a chain of phosphate molecules and is not allowed to precipitate in the water.  

Mixed Bed Ion-Exchange DI Resin Cartridge:

  • MBD30 Changes color from Blue to Amber as it exhausts.
  • Clear See Through Cartridge for Visual Determination.
  • MBD-30 is a self indicating mixed bed resin. It is a mix of nuclear grade hydrogen and hydroxide form resins.

The anion resin is a Type 1 strongly based gel resin with an indicator dye that changes from blue to colorless as the resin exhausts. The cation component is a strong acid sulfonated polystyrene gel type cation exchange resin. During exhaustion, as the indicator dye changes color, the appearance of the mixed bed changes from a blue color to Amber.  

What are KDF® Process Media and how do they work?

  • KDF media used in place of or in conjunction with activated carbon removes 99% of the chlorine taste and odor in municipal water by bonding to KDF media. 
  • KDF media also inhibit bacteriostatic, algae and fungi) by setting up an electrolytic field and also by forming peroxide and hydroxyl radical by Redox Reactions. Additional advantages of KDF media: Provides extended filter life - Lower total cost - Decreased maintenance - Improved performance.

  What is an ion exchange process ?

  • Ion Exchange is a process that removes detrimental ions from water and replaces them with less damaging ions. In practice, ion exchange occurs between water containing ions and an insoluble ion exchange bead with ion exchange properties.
  • Ion exchange can only take place between ions of the same charge namely ions for anions and cations for cations. Anion exchange resins have positively (+) charged exchange sites with anions attached. Cations -exchange resins have negatively (-) charged exchange sites with cations attached. In typical water supplies, the ion exchange resin is more selective for divalent (two positive or negative charges) and trivalent (three positive or negative charges) than monovalent ions. The ion exchange performance is largely dependent on the density of the beads, mechanical resistance, the grain size, the total capacity, break through capacity, porosity of a system, flow, rate, selectivity and the rate of exchange.

  Why we have to remove ions ?

  • The dissolved salts in the natural waters pose serious problems in the industries. These salts form scales in the boiler tubes, corrode pipelines and interfere with many chemical processing. In the natural waters and in waste-waters, there are often undesirable ions and some of them may be worth recovering. So it is important to remove them when they are present in the drinking water.
  • Polyphosphate Media: is added to mask the effects of high iron concentrations. The Polyphosphate delays the precipitation of oxidized manganese and iron, thereby greatly reducing the layer of scale that forms on the pipes. The effect is called sequestration. The iron or manganese ion is surrounded by a chain of phosphate molecules and is not allowed to precipitate in the water.

    Benefits of Alkaline Water   The pH of the human body is 7.365 and it is essential to for us to maintain this pH balance. Food affect the balance such as processed meat, sugar and coffee has an acidic effect on the pH balance. As an effect, the body has to work harder to restore its pH to a neutral level. Alkaline Water greatly assists in the balancing process by introducing a higher pH to the body to offset the low pH and therefore, the natural balance is reestablished. 

Alkaline Water also helps significantly the human body to absorb minerals because of its high oxygen content. This is highly important because, if the body does not have enough minerals, such as calcium, it tries to find it elsewhere and could potentially absorb it from the bones in our body. This weakens the bones and could cause major problems later in life.   Milk has the biggest portion of calcium ion, but, one has to drink as much as a liter a day to satisfy daily necessity level.  So the best way to get the calcium is through mineral water.   1 out of 4 American adults is suffering from bone related diseases, and one cause for that is phosphorus, which are prevalent in the soda.  And this phosphorus prevents normal calcium absorption by body.   One way to prevent bodily fluid turning acidic has been drinking alkaline water.  AMPAC USA natural Ionic calcium alkaline water is a perfect solution.  Ionized minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium can be absorbed 100% in body.   The extensive research in the area of residents’ known longevity tells us that the secret of longevity is calcium ion. The first of its kind Alkaline Energy Ceramic Filter turns acidic water into alkaline instantaneously, and this helps our body to be fit and strong at a low cost.   The Alkaline Energy Ceramic Filter is the true alkaline filter. It offers premium quality alkaline water and provides far better results than ordinary alkaline filters. This filter has extended benefits including the increase of the pH of tap water to 10, achieving an Oxidation Reduction Potential of -500mv, emitting far-infrared rays, and producing shorter cluster chains in the water molecule. pH The Ampac USA Alkaline Filter has the ability to raise the pH of the filtered water to 10.5! This is an amazing property of this filter because most calcite filters can only raise the pH to 7.5.
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) According to author Ray Kurzweil, member of the National Inventors of Hall of Fame, Alkaline Water has extended benefits beyond increasing the pH of water. He states that the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is the most important benefit of Alkaline Water. The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) reading is an indicator of how bio-available and bio-absorbable a product will be in your body. The lower the reading below 0 millivolts (mv), the more ions are available to assist with your body's metabolic functions.  A very high negative ORP is desirable because it is very useful at attacking dangerous free radicals and stops them from harming healthy cells in the body.  “Free radicals are among the most damaging molecules in the body and are highly unstable molecules that are oxidizing agents and are electron deficient. They are a principal cause of damage and disease in the body. Oxygen free radicals contribute significantly to a broad variety of harmful conditions in the body, ranging from life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, stroke and cancer, to less severe conditions such as sunburns, arthritis, cataracts, and many others. Damage to tissues results when free radicals strip these [necessary] electrons from healthy cells. If the damage goes on unchecked, this will lead to disease. For example, the oxidation of LDL cholesterol particles in arterial walls by free radicals triggers an immune system response that results in atherosclerosis, the principal cause of heart disease.” – Ray Kurzweil . The pH value of negatively charged ORP water is higher and is capable of balancing acid in the body. The Alkaline Energy Crystal Filter produces increased hydroxide ions in the water, which reacts to the water molecule. This reaction increases the oxygen content in the water, therefore producing Alkaline Water. o    The ORP of tap water is +370mv o    The ORP of carbonated drinks is +500mv. o   The ORP of the Alkaline Energy Crystal Water Filter is -500mv  
  Far-Infrared Rays The Alkaline Energy Crystal Water Filter utilizes Tourmaline Ceramic, which, when combined with water, generates indispensable minerals for the body. Simultaneously, the Alkaline Energy Crystal Water Filter revitalizes the water, emitting FIR (far-infrared rays) to produce `living water'. 

The Alkaline Energy Crystal Water is very similar, characteristically, to the water inside our bodies and is created by adding Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) to water through ceramic material in the filter. When Fe2Fe3 is added to ordinary tap water, it emits high frequency far-infrared rays. Far-infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on living organisms. Far-infrared rays suppress the growth of excessive free radicals and shorten the cluster chain of water. The purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient at protecting cells from various stimulants.
What are Far-Infrared Rays? Far-infrared (FIR) rays are part of the sunlight spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. FIR rays, also known as Biogenetic rays, have a wavelength between 6 and 14 microns. Biogenetic rays have been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of cells, especially in living organisms. FIR rays, when absorbed, are able to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop, and strengthen various organs in our bodies.   What are the benefits of Far-Infrared Rays? FIR rays create resonance with water molecules. They ionize and activate water molecules in our cells and blood by increasing oxygen content in the blood, therefore improving our blood circulation and health condition.

The micro-circulatory system plays an important role in the health of organs in the human body. When there are problems with the micro-circulatory system, various ailments will occur. FIR rays vibrate at a frequency similar to that of human body, enabling them to penetrate the body, activating and reactivating cells, and strengthening the micro-circulatory system. FIR rays also regulate blood flow, which has been diminished due to blood clots.

Due to improvement of the micro-circulatory system, FIR rays help to increase the immunity of our bodies against disease, slow down the aging process, and boost metabolism. 

Far-infrared rays are also useful in: ·       

  • Prevention of bacteria growth
  • Pain Relief
  • Softening hard water
  • Eliminating odor in water
  • Air Purification
  • Health improvement
  • Boosting cell regeneration
  • Balancing acidic levels in our body
  • Normalizing blood cholesterol
  • Preventing mold
  • Helping plants flourish

Clusters Research from the University of Georgia has shown that diseased cells are surrounded by unstructured water and healthy cells are surrounded by structured water. "Structured water" is highly soluble and can readily absorb the body's minerals. For this reason, minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins combined with structured water, enable the journey of these minerals from the digestive tract, to the bloodstream, and into the tissues. 

The Alkaline Energy Crystal Water only has 5–6 clusters and is the best hydrating, most readily absorbed water on earth. This filter eliminates negative substances in the body, increases immunity to disease, and possesses self-healing powers


*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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