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Fresh Water for Brewing

Customer: Confidential

Description of Business: Water purification


As the most vouched by a local California micro-brewery fortunately had to increase their manufacturing from three to seven fermentation tanks. This California based microbrewery, owing to its age old name and uncompromising craftsmanship had to adhere to maintaining high quality in the manufacturing of beer. Water, being the most competent factor in production of beer could not be ignored at any cost and to meet the high production levels but at the same time, the cost of fetching clear water component was falling heavy on pocket as well as efforts. Relying on the municipal water supply would have yet again multiplied the issues owing to the haphazard presence of constituents like calcium, alkalinity, sulfate etc. This would lead to increased efforts to maintain the taste and quality of the beer intact by adding constituents like calcium chloride, gypsum (calcium sulphate) and baking soda for different types of beer. Such a situation required a water purification system which could produce water without any components which could be altered to suit the beer quality of different types.Equipment Installed


This created an opportunity for the skilled team of Ampac USA to install a device that could solve two purposes at the same time. Ampac USA provided the California based microbrewery with one of its kind reverse osmosis water treatment system that was capable of yielding clear water like an empty canvas that could be mixed with desired ingredients to manufacture carefully maintained trademark recipes. The reverse osmosis water purification system came with a capacity of upto 2200 GPD of the high purity water required. To retain the trademark quality of the customer products, Ampac USA supplied this system as a single skid package including pretreatment, booster pump, RO membrane and a sophisticated control system to monitor water treatment automatically. To ensure high quality and safety, the water was subject to ultraviolet light disinfection before filling the mash tanks.



Production : 2,200 US GPD (8 m3/day) treated water

Size: Frame 20” wide x 22” deep x 52” high (51 x 56 x 132 cm)

PREFILTRATION: Five micron and Carbon Block filters

POST TREATMENT: UV disinfector

Ampac USA Reverse Osmosis for BreweryTHE RESULTS / CUSTOMER BENEFITS:

  • Ampac USA reverse water osmosis serves the capacity of high manufacturing by producing upto 2,200 US GPD  treated water everyday, thereby reducing the customer cost and maintain high level of production
  • The skid package with pre treatment, RO membrane and water control system serves the purpose of three in one which helps the customer to maintain the quality without added cost and effort.
  • The UV disinfector ensures that water is safe and ready to use by California based microbrewery with their maintained recipes.
  • Ampac was onsite for initial commissioning and operator training to ensure effective start and long lasting perfect use of the equipment.



Ampac USA is pioneer in manufacturing high quality water purification systems and offering highly professional services for both commercial and domestic purposes at a very convenient price. With more than 24 years of experience and association with international names like NASA, Ampac USA is the name you can trust for a healthy life. For more details, please visit



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