Commercial Reverse Osmosis 800 GPD | 3000 LPD| APRO800

Reverse Osmosis Model APRO800 | Ampac USA

Commercial Reverse Osmosis 800 GPD | 3000 LPD

The AMPAC USA L™ Series of Commercial Reverse Osmosis 800 GPD/3000 LPD Model APRO800 Water Purifiers are the result of 28 years’ experience with the needs and requirements of commercial pure water users. This includes restaurants, coffee stores, convenience stores, micro-breweries, supermarket produce and food preparation operations, misting and humidification systems, car wash facilities, and many other businesses that must have consistently high-quality water for their daily operations. The key factors of reliability, serviceability, and consistent performance with minimum user intervention are achieved in the solid design of the AMPAC USA  L™ Series systems. Powder Coated Welded Aluminum is used to build our frames, Stainless Steel pressure vessels and fastening hardware to provide the structural strength and corrosion resistance appropriate for a commercial appliance.  

The AMPAC USA  L™ APRO Series design is optimized for Free Standing Application The Three models; 500GPD, 800GPD, 1,000GPD all occupy the same very compact footprint. This allows flexibility in accommodating the limited space available in most commercial utility equipment locations. Quick connect tube fittings on all system ports further simplifies installation and service. Most importantly, all AMPAC USA  L™ Series models incorporate the most reliable combination of proven reverse osmosis hydraulic design and state of the art Thin Film Membrane Elements to provide the long-term performance expected by commercial users.  The welded Aluminum Frame with the Aluminum Diamond Plate allows easy access to all major system components.  This 800 Gallons RO System features: 

Standard Features:

  •  Production: 800 Gallons Per Day ( 3,000 Liter Per Day)
  •  4” x 10” Sediment Pre-Filter 20 Micron
  •  4" x 10” Carbon Block Pre-Filter 5 Micron
  •  Rotary Vane High-Pressure Jet Booster Pump with Safeguards
  •  Complete Panel for Easy Controls
  •  Inlet Solenoid Valve
  •  Stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauges
  •  Low pressure cut off switch
  •  Powder-coated, Welded Aluminum Frame
  •  4” x 14” FRP or Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
  •  TFC 4” x 14” Membrane Elements.
  •  Stainless Steel System Pressure Control
  •  On/Off Main Power Switch
  •  Dimensions: 14” wide x 14” deep x 21" Height. 

 Made in USA

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Capacity: Gallons Per Day 800 GPD
Capacity: Liters Per Day 3,000 LPD
High Pressure Pump HP 1/2 HP
Max Feed TDS 10,000 PPM
Recovery 60% - 75%
Salt Rejection % 99.2%
Voltage 110V or 220V / 50Hz or 60Hz Single Phase or as per Client Requirement.
Filter Stages
Number of Filter Stages 2
Number of Membrane Elements 1

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