Maple Syrup Process

Maple Syrup Process
Reverse Osmosis is the most popular process used for water purification.  In this process a semi-permeable membrane seperate water from dissolved solids such as salt, sugar, minerals, and many other impurities.  In the maple syrup industry reverse osmosis process is used to concentrate the maple sap to finish boiling into maple syrup.  Ampac USA manufacture Advanced Reverse Osmosis Concentrator Systems that are specifically designed for processing maple sap for maximum output, with the least maintenance and service.  Ampac USA also carries a complete line of consumabels and spare parts.Maple Syrup Concentrator

Using Reverse Osmosis improve the efficiency of the process by increase the concentration of the sugar in the sap from 2% to 60% in the final syrup.


ModelDimensionsGal/hrMembranesPump HPVolts
AP150022" x 22" x 52"601 (4" x 40")1/2 HP120/240
AP220024" x 24" x 52"901 (4" x 40")3/4 HP120/240
AP300024" x 28" x 52"1252 (4" x 40")1.0 HP120/240
AP450026" x 24" x 52"1853 (4" x 40")1.5 HP240/440
AP600026" x 24" x 52"2503 (4" x 40")2.0 HP240/440
AP800032" x 24" x 52"3304 (4" x 40")3.0 HP240/440


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