Top 5 Benefits of Forward Osmosis Everyone Must Know About

If you are aware of water treatment methodologies and systems, you must have heard of Forward Osmosis. It is a water purification technique in which water flows through a semi-permeable membrane. This transfer is led by draw solution and a chemical potential gradient, both of which are on the opposite sides. The draw solution is the working solution in FOS, which is essentially an osmotic pressure exchanger. During the FO process, the focus is on making water pure without losing vital nutrients and aromas. 

Top Benefits of Forward Osmosis

Great for High Fouling Feeds

One of the most significant benefits of FO is that it can process high fouling feeds better than any other system like reverse osmosis. It can dewater feeds that are loaded with salts, sugars and fibers and doesn’t have any kind of osmotic pressure limitations, which is the case with an RO system. 

Easy Regeneration of Draw Solution

As the draw solution is clean and has no contaminants or particulars, it can be regenerated via low-energy membrane concentration processes. Hence, it can be regenerated for reuse within the FO system with ease. 

Preserves Sensory Profile

Forward osmosis is not limited by the concentrate’s osmotic pressure. So, the sensory profile and color of the original product are usually preserved. The process will not affect the flavor compounds detrimentally and will not cause browning either.

Money and Energy Savings

Though an FO water purification system is not very expensive, it is an investment that offers the most value for money to you. Such a system will also be energy efficient as it will consume less energy than an RO system or thermal concentration. The operating costs of the FO process are also low thanks to the high tolerance for foulants.

More Pure Water

FO systems help in producing more quantities of pure water via a steady stream. The water can be reused for wash downs, irrigation, boiler feed makeup, dilution of other waste streams and cooling tower feed makeup and many other similar uses. 

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