Residential Reverse Osmosis vs. Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Residential Reverse Osmosis vs. Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Whenever someone talks about water purification, two terms that pop into the head are Residential Reverse Osmosis and Commercial Reverse Osmosis. The names are quite self-explanatory. Residential reverse osmosis is for meeting the small water needs of a person or a family. In contrast, commercial reverse osmosis is for catering the water needs of a commercial establishment. Here you can know how these technologies differ. 


The water needs of a house no matter how lavish or extravagant they are would most probably be lower than the needs of a commercial establishment. So, the equipment needs to purify the water needs to produce lower gallons for a home rather than a commercial property. 


The commercial RO systems are usually designed to meet the water needs of a specific industry. For instance, the requirements of a food processing unit would be different from a pharmaceutical company. So, the RO system must meet those needs. In contrast, the systems designed for home use are usually similar and have menial differences. 


There is hardly any need to customize a RO system built for home use. But a RO system for commercial purposes needs to be customized often to ensure that it meets the quality standards and expectations of the buyer. So, the latter needs more time to be designed, manufactured and installed rather than the former. 

Want One? Get One…

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