World Water Day: It’s Now or Never – Act Now for Environment

In 1720, humans faced the deadly plague. Fast forward 100 years and in 1820, we faced the deadly cholera outbreak, and in 1920, Spanish Flu infected 500 million people. Fast forward a hundred years more, and in 2020, the world is facing the Coronavirus pandemic. A deadly disease after every 100 years is probably a sign or warning by nature for humans to learn from past mistakes and work for a better, more sustainable future. 

If you are serious about protecting the environment and saving lives, you can start by learning about a UN observance, the World Water Day that is observed on March 22 each year. The main aim of this observance is to teach people the value of one of the most valued assets on earth, freshwater. Here you can know the importance of this day and how you can help make this planet a better place by saving precious resource, fresh water. 

Historical Background

World Water Day was declared an observance in 1992 via a resolution passed by the UN General Assembly. It was first observed in 1993. With time, the significance of this day has increased as freshwater sources are limited, and there is a dire need to preserve them. As a result, more observances were added to save freshwater. The latest one is the International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development that started in 2018 and will last till 2028. The aim of such an observance is to reaffirm that water and sanitation measures will play a key role in reducing poverty, growth of the economy and most importantly, environmental sustainability. 

World Water Day 2020

World Water Day 2020 is celebrated to help people learn about water-related issues and the value of saving water. In 2020, the focus is on using water for washing hands and maintaining basic hygiene to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t spread further. The top issues for this year are water pollution, water scarcity, lack of sanitation, the inadequacy of water supply and the impact of climate change. 

What’s the Theme of World Water Day in 2020?

The theme of World Water Day in 2020 is Water and Climate Change. The aim is to find out how these issues are closely linked. Also, the focus is on hand-washing, hygiene and staying safe while you support the campaign. In today’s scenario, the focus should be on water resource management so that everyone’s needs across the globe could be met and those who want to fight the pandemic by washing hands don’t lack the access to clean water. After all, when you don’t have water to wash the virus off, how can you fight the deadly pandemic COVID-19?

How to Celebrate World Water Day?

You can celebrate World Water Day by taking a few simple steps that can help save water and ensure that everyone has the water needed for basic needs. 

  • Make sure that any taps, toilets, sinks or pipes have no leaks as these leaks lead to several gallons of water wastage over time. 
  • Do not flush away unimportant things like cigarette butts as it leads to water wastage. 
  • Put a plastic bottle filled with pebbles in the toilet tank to save water without harming the operating mechanism. 
  • Limit your showers to a few minutes and stop water wastage. Also, don’t just stand there and enjoy the water, use the soap and get done with the process. 
  • Get a couple of flow restrictors for all the taps and shower of your home. It will help you to save water every time you turn over a shower or a tap. 
  • Baths use fewer quantities of water than even the shortest showers so take a bath whenever possible. 
  • Don’t leave the tap open when you are brushing your teeth. 
  • Similarly, turn off the water when you are saving or soaping up in the shower and don’t need water for a few seconds/minutes. 
  • Running a dishwasher costs about 25 gallons of water. So, try to use it only when it’s fully loaded. 
  • Similarly, running an automatic washing machine requires about 30-35 gallons of water every day. So, use it only when you have a full load. 
  • Rinse fruits and vegetables in a sink full of clean water rather than letting the faucet run for a few minutes. 
  • Don’t let the faucet running when you do the dishes by hand. Wash them all first and turn on the tap when you need to rinse them. 
  • Water your lawn as per a set schedule to avoid water wastage. 
  • Water the roots of the plants/trees, not the surfaces as the surface water will evaporate and won’t be much useful. 
  • Reduce the need for irrigation by choosing drought-resistant plants and trees. 
  • Don’t water near the gutters in your garden/lawn as the water will be wasted there. 
  • Use mulch to reduce moisture evaporation. Just add a layer of it around the plants and trees. 
  • Select a broom to clean steps, driveways and sidewalks as hose water can cost hundreds of gallons of this limited resource. 
  • Use water only to rinse the car and don’t let the water running for long. 
  • Make sure your kids don’t waste water by playing with hoses, keeping the faucet running or bathing multiple times a day for fun. 
  • Check for leaks outside your home, especially the route taken by the main water line. 
  • Be cautious about not wasting water all the time and teach kids the value of water from a tender age. 

Final Words

In addition to adopting water conservation methods on World Water Day, make sure that you clean every gallon of water that you intend to consume. AMPAC USA offers quality, reliable and trustworthy reverse osmosis and seawater desalination products that can be used for home, commercial and industrial needs. After all, when the water is safe, only then it can help humans fight against the deadly coronavirus. Won’t it?

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