Military Water Treatment System- A Complete Guide by Ampac USA

The military serves the nation and protects it from harm. It is vital to ensure that the military personnel remain healthy and access pure water in such a situation. All this leads to the need for a military water treatment system that can purify water from any source and ensure that military personnel get 100% contamination-free water. Here’s a complete guide by Ampac USA on military water treatment systems and where to buy one of these. 

Military Water Treatment System is Essential for All Soldiers

When there is a natural or a human-made calamity, the soldiers from the army, navy and air force come forward to tackle it. They lend a hand during natural calamities like earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, droughts, etc. They also play a key role in dealing with human-made calamities like war. There are two types of soldiers, the ones who are on active duty and the reserves. All of them need contamination-free water to do their job effectively and serve the nation. 

How Military Tests Water Quality?

The military has established very stringent water quality criteria to ensure that the soldiers stay away from waterborne illnesses that are widespread and deadly. The military has water treatment specialists who ensure that the military’s water purification needs are taken care of. They do everything from inspecting facilities for the presence of any germs, bacteria, and viruses to deciding regarding water treatment and storage options. They even oversee the installation and ensure the smooth workings of military water treatment systems. These people are experts in performing water quality analysis and testing. They also verify and approve treatment systems to ensure that troops’ drinking water meets the water quality standards. 

These experts also help with site preparation and ensure proper shipping and installation of water purification systems at different sites worldwide, even the remotest locations. They even call in the experts when needed to maintain and repair the water purification systems if needed. 

Things to Remember When Purchasing a Military Water Purification System

When purchasing a military water purification system, the following need to be remembered. 

  • Check the Experience

The first thing to remember is to check the manufacturer’s experience and ensure that the manufacturer of water treatment systems has manufactured, deployed, and installed such systems at any marine, navy, air force, and Army Corps of Engineers units present all over the globe. 

  • Ask About Previous Deployments

It is also vital to ask the manufacturer where the systems have been deployed previously and whether the systems can survive in harsh climatic conditions or not. For instance, the AMPAC USA systems have been used by NATO forces and installed on NATO vessels across the globe. They are also used by US Embassies, Army bases and air force bases across the globe. 

  • Check the Components

For military deployments, it is essential to ensure that the manufacturer uses only military or marine grade components that last for long, are reliable and can withstand even the toughest conditions. The components should be smartly utilized by using a craftsman’s extreme attention to detail. 

  • Inquire About the Technologies

When buying a water purification system for military needs, make sure you ask which technologies are being used to create the system and what kind of water can be purified. There are different water treatment technologies, and all of them must be utilized by the manufacturer. Examples include reverse osmosis, seawater desalination, brackish water purification systems, etc. 

  • Look at Compatibility with Source Water

It would also be good if the system you choose can purify the water source you depend on. For instance, the purifier should purify well water, brackish water, surface water and seawater depending on the water availability in the desired location. 

  • Ensure Portability and Space Savviness

Portability of water treatment systems from one military base to another is often a mammoth task. It would be good to go for portable systems that can be easily transported from one base to another. You should also measure the space where the units will be deployed to ensure that space is optimally utilized, especially on water vessels like submarines or navy ships. 

Where to Get the Best Military Water Treatment System?

AMPAC USA is your one-stop-shop for every Military Water Treatment System needs. We offer systems that meet Military Spec Water Purification System needs. Call 909-548-4900 to discuss your needs and get a perfect solution that meets and even exceeds your expectations. Our executives will be happy to answer your queries and ensure that you get the delivery of a perfect system instantly. Call today or visit us here


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