Trust On The Quality Reverse Osmosis Provides For Safe Water

A long time back when the process of Reverse Osmosis was brought into the picture, no one would have thought it would be used for a variety of applications in industries let alone drinking water. Then again, no one thought the running water in the sink, the extra 5 minutes of watering the lawn or even bucket washing the car could bring us to a point where water would no longer be available. Today people in the U.S. fear for the safety of the water they drink. Already in scarce, this resource is barely available to people in the third world countries. But what happens when the water back home made available to us isn’t safe?


The Flint Crisis

In April 2014, officials in Flint, Michigan decided to switch to water supply from the Flint River as a temporary measure for cost-cutting. An already struggling economy saw a drastic change in the water quality within a month when the water coming in was brown and microorganisms like E.Coli and Coliform were found. Later, it was found the water contained lead in massive amounts endangering the lives in the city after which, the authorities declared a state of crisis. Even today, citizens in Flint use bottled water to cook, clean and even brush their teeth. This led to research that later revealed 55% of Americans did not trust their water supply.


One Solution

It is hard to ignore that such a crisis could be at our doorstep any day. A recent report suggested around 47% of the schools went unchecked for water quality. It is known that potential lead poisoning can cause stunted growth of the brain in children and diseases in adults. One cannot completely trust the water coming in from the taps these days. Considering the amount of urbanization, the rivers and lakes are ground for massive wastewater dumping. One solution for ensuring safety of your family is taking matters into your own hands with reverse osmosis water filters.


Reverse Osmosis

A process by now known for its efficiency, reverse osmosis is the best answer to all the water woes. Proven through research and applications, this technology is used widely in desalination plants to provide pure drinking water to millions of people around the world. A flexible technology, it is also available for residential purposes where you get to make a choice of your own. These water filters,

  • Operate on the membrane technology of reverse osmosis.
  • Efficiently remove 98-99% contaminants from the water.
  • Work on electricity and are automatically operated.
  • Available in various different specifications to suit your needs.
  • Require simply biannual regular maintenance for smooth function and
  • Are available at unbelievably low prices.

The best thing about this is that your water filter will never allow water containing contaminants in your glass. This efficiency is seen in the rate of rejection of an RO filter. Most of the water is rejected which means it contains hard metals, bacteria, and impurities.

You can get these filters in various specifications and different stages of 3-stage, 4- stage and 5- stage RO filters based on the level of water contamination. To live a life hassle-free, RO filters are the best choice today for your family. No one never has to worry about the kind of water coming in from the tap. Be it impure or not, your water filter will take care of it anyway while you relax and watch the next Super Bowl. Get an RO filter for your home today!

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