Solar Power Water Systems- A Complete Guide

Water is everywhere, and still, finding some pure water to drink has become a challenge. If you are also facing this challenge, one option is to know about solar power water systems. They allow you to get pure water on the go and reduces the need for bottled water or small home water purifiers. As the water crisis deepens across the globe and the lack of electricity becomes common in many parts of the world, it’s high time more and more people know of and adopt solar-powered water purification methods. This comprehensive guide to solar power water systems will help you know about such systems better and encourage you to adopt them. 

The Need for Pure Water 

As per the data shared by the World Health Organization, about two billion people die due to water-borne diseases every year, and one billion don’t even have access to a source of pure and safe drinking water. 

In the US, the water infrastructure is so old and obsolete that it can lead to the impurity of water coming through the taps. Municipalities don’t seem to have the time, inclination, or resources to fix the situation. 

The solar power water systems can help people living in remote areas get access to pure water and allow people in the US who want to skip tap water to get purified water anytime and anywhere. 

Benefits of Using Solar Power Water Systems

  • Great for Emergencies

Solar power water systems are great for emergencies like drought conditions, floods, hurricanes, and other natural and human-made disasters.

  • Works Even When the Power is Out

These systems don’t need a power outlet to convert any water into pure water. They can use solar power to make the RO process work and ensure all contaminants are eliminated from the water. 

  • Works Anywhere on the Planet

These systems work anywhere on the planet. So, even if you are lost in the woods while hiking, or you are stranded on a boat somewhere in the ocean, you can keep them with you and be assured of getting pure water. 

  • They are Portable

You can also rely on these systems as they are easy to move. You can fit a small system in your backpack and never have to worry about water for cooking, cleaning, washing, and drinking as long as you are near a water source. 

  • Easy to Use

The process of using a solar power water system is quite easy. Even a person who has never used a filter before can use it without much assistance. If you want, you can ask the manufacturer to train you. Manufacturers like AMPAC USA will do it satisfactorily. 

  • They Help Save Money

The cost of water purified via solar power water systems is not too high. Though buying the system will need an initial investment, it will pay off when the system provides you with pure water every day. Also, the cost of getting pure RO water via this system would be less than the cost of bottled water. 

  • No Chemicals

Another thing that makes this method a good choice for health-conscious people is that it has no chemicals. It is a 100% chemical-free process, so you don’t have to worry about filling your body up with chemicals to get pure water. 

How a Solar Power Water System Works?

The workings of solar power water systems differ depending on how it’s designed and manufactured. But the basic setup is usually the same. Here you can get some idea of how it works. This will give you an idea of the system and the purification process. 

A solar power water system is very similar to a solar panel as it also collects energy from the sunlight so that the RO process can get the energy it needs to work properly. It negates the need for using a power source to make sure that the RO process runs smoothly. After the RO purification stage is complete, the water is then stored in a storage tank where it is available for consumption any time of day or night. 

Understanding the Terminology

Solar Energy

It can be a key source of power whose potential is 178 billion MW. This huge number is 20 thousand times more than the demands of the world. However, it can’t be developed on a large scale. The energy of the sun can only be utilized as thermal or photovoltaics. Some popular solar energy sources are solar ponds, solar cookers, solar energy storage, solar furnaces, etc. 

Solar Panels

A solar panel is used to collect solar energy. It is stored in a battery in most cases. It helps to have a solar panel to store energy in areas with a lack of power or electricity. This stored energy can help in essentials like cooking food, providing pure water, etc. So, solar panels are pretty useful. 

Reverse Osmosis

If you haven’t heard of the term, you can know it now. It is a water purification technique in which water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane that traps impurities and ensures that only the purest form of water passes through. Osmotic pressure ensures that water flows from a higher concentration side to a lower concentration side. The water on the lower concentration side would always be pure, usable, and contamination-free. 

Key Uses of a Solar Power Water System

There are many uses of a solar power water system. Here you can have a look at some most basic ones and choose which ones fit you. 

  • Outdoor Adventures

Many people have a hobby of trying different outdoor adventures. If you are among such people and like outdoor events like hiking, camping, water sports, etc., you can choose a solar power water system to help you get pure water even when you are out in the woods with no reliable power source. It will allow you to enjoy pure water without thinking worriedly about the contaminants you might consume. 

It helps kill pathogens, microbes, and other contaminants present in natural water sources like lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, and other water bodies. As the system would be quite small, you can just put it in a case or your backpack and never work about pure water availability on your next outdoor adventure. 

  • Home Use

Solar power water purifiers are also a safe bet for home use. Suppose you live in an area where power outage is common, or the tap water is not as pure as you would like it to be. In that case, you can invest in such a system that runs without electricity and ensures contamination-free water repeatedly. It will save you from spending a lot of money on bottled water and help decrease the number of bottled water used on the planet as wasteful and a huge problem for the environment. After all, the plastic bottles you use to fill up the oceans and landfills!

  • Commercial and Industrial Uses

Huge solar power water purification systems can also be used temporarily to meet the water needs of a commercial or industrial establishment. Just make sure that you pick the right system to provide the number of gallons needed every day. Also, ensure that your team members are trained on the right usage methods to make the most of the system, and the operations aren’t affected by the lack of water. 

Where to Buy Solar Power Water Systems- AMPAC USA 

When looking to buy solar power water systems, you should trust AMPAC USA. We manufacture a line of Solar Power Water Systems that serve water treatment at various accessible and remote locations. Our products are lightweight and sturdy in design, meant for lasting longer in unprecedented weather conditions. The units come equipped with heavy-duty solar panels that generate electricity from solar energy, which runs the reverse osmosis system in-built in the units. These systems are specially designed for surface water operations. The capacities range from 2500 to 15,000 GPD.

AMPAC USA also offers customization in the systems based on client requirements. These products’ standard features include an inbuilt Pre-Treatment system, RO procedure, Post filter, and PLC controller. These systems are highly self-contained in operation and efficient in performance. These products are conservatively engineered for reliable, long-term performance by the experts at AMPAC with 30 years of experience. These are more commonly used in military operations, disaster relief efforts, to treat river water in irrigation, agriculture, and more. The units are designed to sustain rugged, remote locations and so run for longer periods. Each product comes with a manufacturer warranty and 24×7 after-sales customer support. Find your perfect fit at AMPAC.

Some of the most liked products in this category are SLR-1 – Mobile Solar Water Treatment that offers solar energy water purification, SLR-6, a mobile solar water treatment system that can be customized, SLR-9, a Mobile Solar Water Treatment system that can be bought online and SLR-18, a Mobile Solar Water Treatment from AMPAC USA at lower than factory prices. 

To know more, visit us here or call 909-548-4900. 



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