Need for Portable Water Purification During COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is becoming scarier day by day, with more than 4 million confirmed cases in 187 countries as of now. The need for portable water purification is also increasing by the day because people from all over the world need clean water and soap to stay away from the deadly virus. Also, even the manufacturing of sanitizers, the preferred option after soap and water, needs pure water during the manufacturing process. 

Water is Essential but Not Available

Though water is among the essential services, it is not readily available to billions. Yes, it’s a sad fact that 40% of the world’s population, i.e., 3 billion people don’t have access to basic handwashing facilities at home. While most health organizations agree that washing hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds is essential to prevent COVID-19, these households and the people belonging to them can’t do even that. 

Also, a billion people have partial access to water or have to deal with regular shutoffs. It means that they can’t access pure water all the time to ensure they wash the hands multiple times a day. 

The Efforts

Organizations like UN-Water, WHO, UNICEF and Red Cross are trying their best to provide water to people from all over the globe, it’s high time that governments and private players also make efforts to provide pure water to a maximum number of people. 

The Solution?

One of the solutions that could help provide pure water in the remotest parts of the world is to trust portable water purification systems provided by AMPAC USA. As the name suggests, these systems are built very rigid and work flawlessly even in the remote areas of the world. They need minimal maintenance and are meant to last. These systems can be put on public places to ensure not only adequate hand washing but also to ensure the availability of clean water for drinking, washing and sanitation needs. Doing so will enable the most underprivileged people to access water freely. 

If you are convinced that AMPAC USA’s portable water purification systems are the right choice for helping battle COVID-19, feel free to call us on 909-548-4900. We’d be happy to answer all your queries quickly.

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