Latest Happenings in the Reverse Osmosis World

Reverse Osmosis filtration method has gained a lot of attention in the last few decades because of its ability to provide contamination-free water to every user, and its ability to purify water from any source. The demand for the reverse osmosis technology is not receding anytime soon because as per estimates, the industry will cross 5 Billion USD by 2021.

So, what makes the reverse osmosis technology so irresistible and what the manufacturers are doing to create better products? You can know it all by reading about the latest happening in the reverse osmosis world mentioned right here.


  • Easy Installation


Gone are the days when engineers needed to be called in for installing a reverse osmosis system, and it took days to install only one system at your home, commercial establishment or industry. These days, quick connect tube fittings are added to the filtration system to make installation DIY and easy to do on your own.


  • Varied Uses


Reverse Osmosis systems are not only suitable for residential, commercial or industrial use. The demand for RO technology for applications like water store equipment, lab water, and water bottling plants is also increasing.


  • Membrane Life is Enhanced


One of the biggest drawbacks of older reverse osmosis systems was that the membranes were not long lasting. But thanks to the development of technology, most membranes have become more efficient and long lasting than ever before. The instances of membrane fouling are also reducing due to the creation of membranes that resist chlorine.


  • Usage of Solar Power


Many users earlier complained that they couldn’t afford the reverse osmosis technology simply because running a filter 24 by 7 increased their power bills by a larger amount than they could afford. Reverse osmosis manufacturers have addressed this problem by developing small and even giant water purification systems that run purely on solar power


  • Endless Customization


Another trend that has helped improve the quality of reverse osmosis systems is that most manufacturers are now allowing the customers to give their inputs and create a custom-made reverse osmosis system. They also allow the customers to add some optional features to the product to make it more user-friendly.


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