How is RO Water Beneficial for Cannabis Cultivation/Growth?

Most people are aware that reverse osmosis or RO water is contamination-free water used widely in the pharmaceutical industry during the production, preparation, and formulation of a vast number of medicinal products and intermediates. So, the use of RO systems to plant and grow cannabis is not surprising either. 

If you are a grower of cannabis and you would like the process to yield good results, you must know how is RO water beneficial for Cannabis Cultivation/Growth

Who Needs RO Water for Cannabis Cultivation/Growth Most?

Countries, states, and cities where tap water is not 100% safe and pure often need RO water for cannabis cultivation/growth. As per common sense, if you cannot drink water from any source directly, you should not feed it to your plants as your plants are dependent on you for their entire ecosystem. 

How to Check the Tap Water Quality?

If you are unsure of the tap water quality in your area, you should contact the local water provider and ask them to provide you with a mineral profile. You should also ensure that the water is tested for radioactivity, pollutants, bacterial or microbial contents. 

It is also a smart move to check whether the local water supply is loaded with fluoride or chlorine or not. You should know that these chemicals can hamper healthy microbial growth as they might kill added microbials in nutrients or by sterilizing the grow medium. 

How RO Water Helps with Cannabis Cultivation/Growth?

Reverse osmosis process eliminates all pollutants, bacterial or microbial contents, radioactivity, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other pollutants. You can be sure of 100% contamination-free water after the water goes through all RO stages. 

Remember Mineral Profile

When water goes through the RO process, it will be stripped of all the minerals. So, you should choose an RO system with a remineralization stage that will add the required minerals to the water again. 

If you do not add the minerals back to the water, the RO water might deplete the plants of calcium and magnesium. 

Why is RO Better than Other Water Treatment Methods for Cannabis Cultivation/Growth?

RO is a reliable water treatment process in which water is purified using osmotic pressure and using a membrane. This ensures that water has no contaminants left and has minimal Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. 

RO is better than other water treatment methods because you know what you are dealing with. There will not be anything in RO water that you are unaware of.  So, you always remain in control. 


In essence, it can be said that there are many points in favor of how is RO water beneficial for cannabis cultivation/growth. When you use it, you can get everything from clean clones to healthy flowers. You will be complete in charge of water, which will help boost the plant growth and quality. 

Where to Get RO Water for Cannabis Cultivation/Growth- Ampac USA?

If you are looking for a RO water filter for Cannabis Cultivation/Growth, please contact AMPAC USA. We have been serving the needs of small and large cannabis growers for years now, and we provide customized systems that meet specific water needs brilliantly. To know more, visit us here or call us on 909-548-4900. 


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