6 Benefits of using Sea Water Desalination

Water is an essential element for life on earth. So much so that with the increase in population over time water which is consumable is being used at a higher rate drastically depleting this resource. One of the major facts is that consumable water which is fresh water free of unwanted salts is available on the earth in very less amount. 97% of the earth is covered by seawater which is of no use to the life on land. Adding to this the problem of global warming, overpopulation, and depleted resources; the race is left with nothing but to search for alternate ways that can solve this problem. One such way is to use the seawater which is abundant, by filtering it to the standards of consumption. The process of converting seawater into fresh drinking water by removing unnecessary and harmful salts is known as Sea Water Desalination. This technology is not new and has been known to us for a long time now. It seems apt then to understand what are the advantages of this process.

  1. The most popular and evident benefit is the availability of safe drinking water to the cities where water shortages are leading to mass uproar and worse, deaths. This solution is very effective in solving the water shortage problems of an average urban city.
  2. Desalination can ensure the access to water for irrigation purposes even in the remotest of areas. This can be achieved by building a connectivity through pipelines which will help farmers in agriculture. As more food will be available, the biggest problems of many countries can be solved all at once as increased produce will lead to economic growth.
  3. Water can be made available in areas suffering from drought where there are absolutely no other alternatives for water. This can save large areas of agricultural land and a large number of lives.
  4. Desalination will make the water available to various industries where water is used as a base solvent for production. These industries can also set up a desalination plant and use it as per their requirement.
  5. The water quality achieved after the process of desalination is better than any other ways of filtration systems.
  6. Desalination is not latest technology but has been tried and tested over the past decade which makes its implementation all the more reliable. This technology has a few limitations however with the right research and advancement, it can prove to be a sustainable alternative to the scarcely available freshwater.

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