Will I need a pre-filter even if I have a water softener?

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Will I need a pre-filter even if I have a water softener?

More often than not, a water softener alone will be a sufficient solution for addressing problems linked to a hard water supply. It eliminates a bunch of hardness causing

minerals from water making it appropriate for home consumption. A softener is an uncomplicated arrangement of components designed to function with minimal maintenance requirements. There is no doubt that a softener will remove minerals which cause hardness but what if your water supply has more contaminants? This is where a softener might need some helping hand to give your home a reliable performance.

Some supplies come with a lot of unwanted impurities including organic substance, dirt, industrial waste and much more. In such conditions, the softener might not be able to give a 100% because it is designed to be an expert at getting rid of a limited set of contaminants (primarily minerals). The presence of such contaminants will not let water attain a consumable form even if you have a softener installed. This makes it highly essential to get your water supply analyzed thoroughly. All the filtration and softening systems are designed to tackle a wide range of typical water problems but there are supplies that have problems which are too unique to be covered by a standard system. Such supplies require a certain degree of customization for the desired outcomes. This is why you should never install a water filtration system or softener before testing your supply.

If the analysis of your water supply reveals that there is substantial sand, industrial waste, organic waste, dirt content in it, then a pre-filter designed to block large particles can form a perfect combination with a softener. Not only will it make your water safer, but it will also help in keeping your water softener in a good condition for a long time. Furthermore, with a pre-filter, you can rest assured that your electronic appliances will also stay in good shape.

In addition to dirt, your water supply may also contain iron content. If that’s the case, then you’ll notice stains or color on your sink or bath tub. This is also not favorable for your appliances and the water softener unit. A pre-filter will be a wise choice in this situation as well.

The key to ensuring pure and safe water for your body, skin, appliances and everything in between is the accuracy with which you understand the impurities associated with your raw water supply. Once identified, every water problem can be countered with the help of advanced filtration and softening systems available today. Combinations such as pre-filter with softener, pre-filter with Reverse Osmosis and multi-stage systems are tweaked to ensure that there is a fix for every water supply.

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