Why is Large Scale Seawater Treatment Still Unconventional?

Why is it that after proven efficiency of the technology in Seawater Treatment, we still are left with traditional ways of filtering water on a larger scale? The presence of an RO (Reverse Osmosis) filter in households is slowly increasing and effective in work too. However, countries still haven’t adopted the idea of seawater treatment as a viable and permanent option for their freshwater needs. Majorly used in Naval ships, industrial ships, ocean liners, Oil and Gas industries; large scale reverse osmosis treatment systems are yet to be a realized reality to be used for drinking needs of people living in arid zones.

Israel is known for providing more than 600 million per cubic meters of water to its country annually. Once at the heart of the worst drought in 900 years, the country now has a surplus of water enough to fulfill drinking and irrigating needs of the nation. Answer? Desalination plants for seawater treatment.

Why is it then other countries still use traditional thermal methods to clean water? The reasons are various, some of which are:

  1. The overall cost of setting up a desalination plant requires a major part of the energy consumption budget making it disputed in many countries.
  2. Countries still haven’t crossed the threshold of less water in their freshwater wells, lakes, and ponds which are probably why investing in such technology seems unnecessary.
  3. Maintenance costs of plants. Membranes employed are over 40,000 in an average desalination plant and the energy required is more. Operational costs included, it results in an increased cost which is not likely to change minds in the favor of seawater treatment.

According to a report in 2002, around 12,500 desalination plants were producing 14 million cubic meters per day. It sounds like a great number but only 1% of the total population consumes this water. Surprising, isn’t it? Of the countries that employ these plants, 70% of them are in arid regions including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait etc.)

A lot of the world’s water problems can be solved by just employing seawater treatment technologies developed over the years. Ampac USA has been manufacturing equipment in reverse osmosis technologies for desalination plants for 22 years. Know more about how a desalination equipment can help your industry save energy and provide water suitable for use from our website.

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