What are signs that a water softener is not functioning properly?

Just like every other appliance, your water softener also has a limited life post which it doesn’t do what it is supposed to. It stops softening water. While some devices might have some indication mechanism that alarms that the softening system is not working properly but most of them are not designed to give any such message. However, every system has a way of telling you that it needs some fixing or a replacement.

What are the signs you will notice if your softener is not working properly?

  • Deposits on Faucets: If you start noticing deposits on your faucets even if you have a softener installed, then there is every chance that it is not quite doing its job.
  • Scale or Build Up in Appliances: Your appliances such as coffee maker, water heater and more will start creating build ups. Some appliances might get completely clogged and non-functional as well. All this is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the softener
  • Low leather Formation: Another sign; when you feel that the detergent or soap is not producing enough leather. This will affect all your cleaning and washing applications immensely.
  • Constant Water Flow From Softener: If any of the components inside the softener are not functioning well, it may cause the softener to dispense water continuously
  • Color: If the softener components have gone bad, then they might react with the municipal supply in a way that the resulting water may come out with yellow or brown color. If this happens to the water at your home, its possibly because of the resin inside the ion exchange system of the softener getting dissolved.
  • Change in taste, appearance or odor: If the smell or the taste of your water changes especially when it is hot, it is another one of the indications of a fault within the softener. This happens when the capacity settings of the softener are changed due to some hardware problem.

Reverse osmosis systems

Some of the problems or indications mentioned above can be fixed with troubleshooting. However, it is not recommended that you try to open the system yourself if you’re not en expert. Doing this can cause other hardware problems which can make the whole system completely irreparable.

Like stated earlier, every appliance has a life till it performs best and a water softener is no different. After regular intervals, it makes sense to upgrade your system instead of replacing parts because with water for your home, you don’t want to take a chance. You and your family should get nothing but the best when it comes to water softness.

The best upgrade for your home is Ampac’s water softeners. What makes them so special is their ability to smartly measure your water usage patterns and act accordingly. Manufactured in USA, these softeners use the highest quality components which deliver excellent performance and last longer than most softeners in the market.

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