Water Desalination Equipment Market Forecast- 2022-2028

Pure water is a necessity today, and it will be a necessity tomorrow. It is why technological inventions like water desalination equipment are in high demand and are expected to be in the future. Reportlinker recently shared a report- Water Desalination Equipment Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Technology (Reverse Osmosis (RO), Multi-stage Flash (MSF) Distillation), By Source, By Application, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2020 – 2028 which proves that water treatment technologies will be in demand in the long run. 

The Numbers

According to the report, the global water desalination equipment market size might reach US$ 22.79 billion by the year 2028. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.1 from 2020 to 2028. 

Growth Factors

The key reasons for market growth are rising water scarcity, fast-paced advancements, depletion in freshwater reserves. 

As the environment is deteriorating, weather patterns are fluctuating, deforestation is increasing, and pollution is rising, it has led to drought-like conditions and extreme water scarcity worldwide. To help tackle these challenges, the governments of different nations are investing heavily to ensure the development of desalination facilities with the hopes of combatting this situation. It will also drive the market further. 

One more reason for the rapid growth is the rising adoption of renewable energy for desalinating water. Conventional systems need a lot of energy to function, but the use of renewable energy like solar energy can help save power bills and make the systems easier to use in underdeveloped or developing nations. 

R&D investments keep many key players attractive as it allows them to offer new products and boost innovation. Companies are also reaching new geographic areas and targeting developing countries where the water issues are more critical, and there is a need for cost-effective products. 

Highlights of the Report

The reverse osmosis technology is gaining more popularity. It accounted for more than 55% of the global revenue in 2020. The key factors for its rise are ease of processing, cheap installation, minimal use of chemicals, and the ability to treat distinct kinds of feed water. 

Thanks to the expansion of the urban population and the rise of megacities, the municipal application segment accounted for over 50% of the global revenue in 2020. Both these factors are putting a strain on the existing water sources and hence augmenting the market growth. 

The seawater source segment is expected to expand rapidly. Thanks to water scarcity for residential and industrial use, it might have the fastest CAGR from 2020 to 2028. The demand for seawater desalination will rise exponentially in the future. 

Africa and the Middle East accounted for more than 40% share of global revenue in 2020 as water scarcity is higher in these regions. The demand from these regions for water desalination will continue to rise in the future as well. 

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