WASH Services and Portable Water Purification During COVID19

The COVID19 crisis has led to a rise in demand for WASH Services and is hence increasing the demand for portable water purification.  Know about what WASH services are, how portable water purification systems like solar water reverse osmosis can help and how all of it can help contain and stay away from the deadly novel coronavirus. 

What are WASH Services?

The acronym, WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene. These services are a vital part of protecting human health in the times of COVID19 and preventing mass outbreaks of the deadly disease. 

Why are WASH Services Needed?

  • When all the homes, communities, schools, institutions, health care facilities and other public places have good WASH services, they will serve as a barrier to human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus. 
  • These services also play a key role in ensuring the overall health and well-being of people, especially those in countries with limited access to pure water. 
  • WASH services are also critical during the recovery phase of a disease outbreak as it can help mitigate the secondary impacts on community well-being and livelihoods. Examples of secondary impacts include the inability to pay bills, disruptions to supply chain, etc. 

How Can Portable Water Purification Devices Help Ensure WASH Services are Easily Available?

Portable water purification devices, such as those provided by AMPAC USA can play a key role in making WASH services available to people all over the world, especially the remotest areas where pure water is scarce, and the demand for water is too high. 

The devices designed, manufactured, delivered and installed by AMPAC USA need solar power for seamless operations and hence could be a good choice for remote areas such as villages in the underdeveloped and developing countries where power cuts are common and unavoidable. 

These systems can be put in public places to ensure that people from different communities can benefit from them. AMPAC USA offers these systems in the range of 150 to 1500 gallons per day. They are also easy to transport thanks to heavy-duty pelican case wheels, have a quiet operation, need less space, and have high-quality RO membrane with pre-filters. For inquiries, feel free to call us on 909-548-4900.


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