This Halloween Lets Meet Some Real-Life Villains And Superheroes

Before you begin thinking about what get-up to be in this Halloween, are you sure you know every character there is to play? To be celebrated on October 31 like every year, Halloween this year is set to be better with the standard of costume parties reaching a new high. We could be superheroes like Spiderman, Batman or the lesser-known Green Lantern. We could also be famous villains of all time like the Joker and Dracula. But while all these are fictional and in our books, why not make this Halloween extra special by playing a real-life villain or superhero?

The real-life villains

For a lot of us this might sound strange possibly even cheesy when we say the environment has been dealing with pollution for the longest time. With its horde of team members like The Nasty Air Pollution, the Sickening Water Pollution and the Deafening Sound Pollution, Pollution sure has a lot of powerful villains than even Stan Lee could write. The catch is, we don’t even know most of these villains that roam the earth silently and invisibly. Their work in itself is commendable because they have been lurking this earth for decades and are slowly eating into the life of our planet without us noticing.

One such villain matching the grit and determination of even Thanos is The Sickening Water Pollution. Evolved ever since the Industrial age in the early 1900’s, this villain poses a great danger to earth today. While before the pollution wasn’t enough to affect innocent lives, it grew substantially in the ignorant shade of humans. For a decade, this monster has been wreaking havoc around the world. 

  • By killing millions of people every day through its disease-stricken contents, it is also responsible for killing animals and plants. 
  • People have reported suffering from extreme diarrhea, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis when in contact with this villain. 
  • The Sickening Water Pollution uses its weapons of chemicals, bacteria and germs to target the health of innocent civilians. 
  • People have died of dehydration because this pollution did not leave any water safe to drink. 

One of the reasons behind the growth of water pollution is industrialization and people themselves. But like Stan Lee developing memorable villains and everlasting superheroes to defeat them, humans have too!

At last! A Superhero!

Through the humble beginnings of a chemists’ lab, comes a technology that was developed to help people fight against the monster. Jean- Antoine Nollet in 1748 found the process of osmosis through the semi-permeable membrane between two solutions of varying concentrations. Nearly 200 years later, in 1950, the University of California, Los Angeles tried to reverse the process and use it as a desalinator to turn polluted water into safe drinking water. Thus, was born our savior, Reverse Osmosis. Popularly and lovingly called as RO across the world, this superhero left no stone unturned to save people from the wrath of the Sickening Water Pollution. Our favorite Reverse Osmosis or should we call it RO has

  • A kickass semipermeable membrane that excludes every harmful element that is in the water and sent secretly by pollution.
  • It sometimes pairs up with the awesome Captain Ultra Violet to fight microorganisms and bacteria together.
  • Sometimes when the fire is too much to control, RO calls in for a backup from The Activated carbon men that together hold back chlorine and chemicals and fend off their attack.
  • It even invites the Tasting team every now and then to help add minerals to the water, improve its taste and our health.

At first starting from one home at a time, this hero has now reached industries and fields at a much larger level. Now RO helps fight the atrocities of the Sickening Water Pollution in Oil Fields, Hotels, Factories, Military water purification units, Seawater Desalination plants and even homes.

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