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World War III would happen over water, they say. Even if it doesn’t, an emergency portable watermaker is something that will come in handy either way. Made especially for emergencies, a system like this can help people survive in conditions where options of clean water are not easily accessible. In this blog, we shall be answering all your questions about an emergency portable watermaker and how to use it.

Emergency Portable RO System

Made as an immediate solution for clean water, this system is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis purification method that provides a 99% contaminant-free drinking water. The process involved in the making of this system, especially if the make is by AMPAC USA, is done considering the livid and under-resourced conditions one may find themselves in. While storage was an option a long time ago, it can only last for so long and also may go bad eventually due to stagnation. An RO system like this comes in handy when you are in an urgent situation with no easy or quick access to safe drinking water.

Where Can It Be Used?

This system is helpful in a number of scenarios. Natural disasters, for instance, happen anytime anywhere. Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, manmade disasters, and cyclones can displace people from their homes. Loss of property becomes secondary when lives are at stake with compromised water systems. Any of the disasters can cause the water to be contaminated or the supply to be disrupted. This is where an Emergency Portable Watermaker comes to the rescue.

Relief camps set up for the survivors in the disasters are more often than not under pressure to make drinking water and food available for the people they take in. The task is very noble but at times shipments may get delayed and people may starve or fall ill due to unavailability of water. In such cases, it is needed not only for drinking but for hygiene and sanitation. 

Another example where this system is an asset is on Military missions and drought-ridden geographical locations. It is especially useful in boats, onshore and offshore operations where there is easy access to seawater. It is portable and helpful in scenarios where seawater is the only option. This is why this particular system is designed for maximum result with minimum effort, it is affordable, easy to handle and easier to use. Here’s how!

How To Use One?

For the bigger mobile treatment systems, usually, experts are present to ensure a constant supply. These have larger capacities than the basic 150 GPD per day, a system that can be supervised by you. The 150 GPD or 600 LPD Emergency Portable Seawater Desalination System is made up of the following major components.

  • A five-micron sediment pre-filter to reduce silt, sand, rust particles and sediment.
  • Heavy-duty carbon block filter made up of five-micron lead and for chemical reduction.
  • FILMTEC elements in the RO process for maximum efficiency.
  • Extruded carbon filter for elimination of foul smell and lead.
  • Ultraviolet filtration for eliminating microorganisms that may have got through the membrane.
  • A pH filter to bring back the balance to 7.0.

Using the system is very easy due to the efficient built. The complete system comes in a portable heavy-duty box. The switch for feed water and RO process are placed in the exterior to enable operations from the outside. The system has pipes for extracting the seawater and a pipe to supply fresh water. It has a cable that can be connected to AC or DC supply, depending on your choice of customization.

Once you put the feed pipe into the seawater, just switch on the feed water switch. The system takes in supply to be filtered. After a moment, switch on the RO process button. The water goes through a tedious process of pre-filtration with carbon, a RO process, port carbon filtration, UV filter and pH filter that eliminates sediments, dust, sand, silt, chemicals like chlorine, PFOS, pesticides, elements like lead, magnesium, iron, copper, microorganisms and disease-causing bacteria along with other contaminants. What comes out is pure, uncontaminated, quality freshwater that can be used for a number of purposes. The system also comes with Solar Panels in case access to electricity is not confirmed. 

The container is manufactured for noise reduction when Seawater Desalination is in process. As mentioned above, the use of this system is just a matter of switching on and off two buttons. The design by AMPAC was done to make sure you spend little time on the operation and get quality drinking water with minimal manual supervision.

In case you wish to learn more about how to operate one such emergency portable system, watch this video or contact AMPAC USA to get an expert to work with you!

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