RO Filter Or Alkaline Filter, Which One Is Better For Drinking Water?

Have you been using an RO filter for a long time and have suddenly heard about Alkaline Filters? Of course being careful with your health as you should be, you must be wondering whether it is a good option to invest in such a filter or not. Well, worry not! We have answers to all your questions and our experts here at Ampac have answered this one for you too!


Let’s begin by looking at what exactly are RO and Alkaline Filters.


RO Filters

RO purifiers, filtration systems, and desalination systems are used by almost everyone as a source of safe drinking water. Operated primarily on the process of Reverse Osmosis, these are by far the safest way of purifying water. Here is what makes this process so reliable and best at water filtration.

  1. Reverse Osmosis is by far the most economical method of removing 90-98% of water contaminants.
  2. RO membranes are designed to eliminate contaminant particles, sediments, dissolved salts, microorganisms like bacteria and other substances like chlorine, Sulphur etc.
  3. Not only salts, but RO systems also have a process to exclude ions.
  4. Usually, RO systems are also equipped with carbon filters which ensure that the bad smell and odor caused due to chlorine are gone and the water is good to taste.
  5. RO filters are not only used for water filtration at home but are very helpful in the pretreatment of reagent grade chemicals.
  6. These systems are also helpful in areas with a risk of radiation contamination. So, if one resides near a nuclear power plant, RO systems maintain the safety of drinking water
  7. Reverse Osmosis systems are easy to install, have a higher efficiency rate and require minimum maintenance.

The filters come for a wide range of purposes including residential, commercial and industrial. Even the military and seawater desalination plants today use equipment that use the technology of Reverse osmosis for the same reasons. In the past few years, Alkaline filters have seen a growth in demand.


Alkaline Filters

Alkaline Water is a slightly higher pH level water than what we usually get. We all know about the pH scale that measures the acidity or basicity of any solution from a scale of 1 to 14.

When a solution is between the range of 8-14, it is considered to be basic. 14 pH is highly alkaline. Normally, the water that we ought to consume should be neutral that is pH 7. However, the water that we get in the tap is slightly acidic due to the mix of carbon dioxide in it.

An Alkaline filter is specially designed to provide slightly basic water between the range of 7-9 pH. Since the past few years, the filter is catching on a trend due to its wide range of benefits


Suggested benefits

Alkaline Water is said to have several benefits which has today made it an attractive option for many. It is said to be

  • Good for bone health and helps against osteoporosis
  • Helps with cancer
  • Helps with acid reflux, blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • Improves immunity and digestion
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Improves your energy levels and
  • Supports weight loss

None of these benefits, however, are scientifically proven with substantial evidence which makes Alkaline Water still unknown to many.

So it brings us to the question, RO or Alkaline Filter?

It actually depends on your use. If you are someone who believes in exercise and pure drinking water for good health, RO filters are the right choice. For those who like to experiment a little, Alkaline filters can be a good option to start from. The benefits listed above are circumstantial and may not be factual even as it is not scientifically proven.


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