Newark Lead Crisis – City Gets $120 million

Following the lead crisis news that broke earlier in August, the city has some good news. Essex County Improvement trust. This brings down the 10-year long plan of the city to replace more than 14,000 lead service pipelines to just 3 years.

The lead crisis which is ongoing since the past 3 years gained limelight recently after an EPA report that found the lead amount to be more than 15 parts per million in the water of 3 lead serviced houses. It seemed that the filters that were distributed last fall were ineffective against the contamination exposing the residents to a range of health risks. 

Newark Gets Assistance

Since March 2019, the city began replacing old pipes of the 18,000 old lead pipes, a few of which are over 100 years old. Initially the plan was to make the repairs in a duration of 10 years with an estimated budget of $75 million. The city asked the Federal Government to step in and take action regarding the problem fast. However, Newark officials said they could not wait any longer for the funding approval or consideration as the situation grows dangerous with every passing day.

The funds provided by Essex County are a boon for the city and it is estimated that the job will be completed between 24-30 months. Another great news for the residents is that the repair comes at no cost to the citizens and is completely paid for by the loan that was just granted.

What Can A Citizen Do?

While the pipes get repaired, it will take a minimum of 2 years to be completed for the city. Till then, the lead service lines may still expose the households to lead-contaminated water. The water bottles or filters provided by the city may not be enough and here is what you can do.

Get Emergency Equipment For Quick Filtration

This includes Emergency watermakers that are compact and convert bad water into drinking water. This particular model is a temporary solution for urgent needs but can be used for a wide range of other purposes later on. This machine can convert bad water from the sea, ground, your supply, brackish sources, lakes, and rivers to provide the same level of quality for a healthy body. Even after the temporary use, the watermaker is a good investment in the long run as it requires little maintenance and can be of help in future emergencies. You can get one here.

Get An RO For Your Home

Get a simple Household RO that filters any water that comes through the tap. You can choose from a range of Under sink Filters and Whole house Filters based on your needs. Purchasing an under-sink RO Filter that purifies every contaminant in your supply for years is a good option if you only want to purify drinking water. Getting a 3 or 4 or even 5 stage RO system would mean constant purification without any manual interference. For residents in Newark and especially homes that are more vulnerable, can get a 5-stage purifier as it comes with a remineralization filter that ensures unwanted contaminants are eliminated and important minerals remain. This particular model provides 45-50 gallons per day with minimum energy consumption.

Our line of whole house RO systems are recommended in case you need pure water for every household chore. With capacities ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 GPD, this equipment can provide for laundry, cleaning, cooking, washrooms flawlessly. A very easy to operate the system, you can get water from any faucet at the touch of a button. The water is fit for any purpose around the house. You can find one product that suits you here.

If you are in search of a particular product or solution to your water problem, you can get in touch with AMPAC USA on (909) 548 4900 or chat with us on Our customer service providers at available 24×7 and experts are available for testing supply quality to offer you your best RO option. If you are someone in Newark worried about the water you are drinking, get in touch with us today!

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