Must You Have A Water Purifier? – AMPAC USA Answers

Water purifiers are a common sight these days. Every house has one but still many across the country do not. With the Flint crisis in light, you must be thinking about whether you should get a purifier for your house too. Are you in a dilemma? AMPAC USA is here to clear it off easily!

What do these purifiers do?

As the name suggests, they do just that. They purify it to ensure that you get absolutely safe and healthy water to drink. While they come in different shape, sizes, and processes, it is all meant to accommodate the needs of the family.

Now, whether your family needs a purifier or not is a question that is answered by knowing some very crucial details about the source itself.

  1. Type Of Supply:
    A lot of people face problems with the water supplied to them through the municipality. Constant cough, rashes on the skin, excessive hair fall are not just symptoms for a disease but contamination too. Get a serviceman near you to inspect the kind of supply you get and once the results are in, you would know if you need a purifier or not. According to WHO standards for healthy water, your supply should have a TDS between 300 and 500 ppm, no greater than 1000 ppm and no less than 30 ppm.
  2. Type Of Groundwater:
    In case you live around the beach or near brackish sources, then it is time to get a filter that purifies your supply. Brackish sources and areas around the beach have highly saline water. The TDS often rises to more than 3000 ppm which can cause extreme dehydration due to the natural cause of osmosis in the body. If you live around such areas, getting an RO filter is a must.
  3. Surrounding Areas:
    It also must be a case that you live in an area with a freshwater source nearby and hence don’t feel it is that much a need for the household. These sources are the best for consuming, however, these also have the presence of unknown microorganisms which can easily pass the local filtration department to enter your house pipeline and into your glasses.
  4. Latest News:
    Follow the latest local news in your region. After the Flint crisis question has been raised about the presence of lead in the pipes supplying water. A lot of people faced issues with their health including sickness, diabetes, muscular and mental illnesses due to it. The tip would be to save time and install an RO as soon as you get the news of something remotely resembling the Flint crisis. Do not take a chance and book one right away.

In each of these, different types of filters can be used for different needs. Especially for the people living near industrialized areas like mines, or even seashores and brackish water, are at the risk of consuming contaminations and hence should get a 4 or 5 stage filter system for their home to get an unlimited supply. Someone who lives near a lake, stream or pond can do with a lesser version of the filter. But having a filter just for safety would never harm anybody.

There are various types of purifiers. These are RO operated purifiers, UV  filters, Candle Filters, Activated carbon filters and more. The function of each one of these is specific to the requirements and therefore differ. AMPAC USA manufactures the world’s best water filters across the world. Contact one of our representatives to know which filter suits your family the best.

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