Reverse Osmosis Systems For Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. One would think what applications can reverse osmosis technology have in ensuring the growth of the hotels and resorts. But in truth, it has a lot to do than just providing water. Hotels are meant not only for people staying over for a while from other cities but also for locals who need spaces to organize seminars, workshops, and conferences. The hospitality field has changed such that now it is more than just providing a convenient and comfortable stay for travelers. It now provides everything that the customer needs in terms of hospitality. Which is why hotels orient their objectives towards the needs of the customer.

Why treatment of water in Hotels?

The number of customers visiting a hotel could be more or less than its capacity. Based on a number of people currently being held in the establishment, reverse osmosis water treatment systems are employed for many reasons. First, it is one of the most effective in giving safe drinking water and is trustworthy. Second, there is large capacity equipment today that can easily provide hundreds of gallons of water per day. Which is why hotel chains and management authorities prefer having their own systems rather than just providing tap water.

Need of water treatment system in hospitality industry

Water treatment systems are required for a range of activities in the hospitality industry some of which are:

  • Water for drinking and food:
    The RO water is used to provide water in all hotel rooms, conference halls, water dispensers and is also used in cooking meals in the kitchen. Based on how big the hotel is, the water required for this purpose alone can go up to hundreds of gallons.
  • Water for chores:
    Water supply is essential for hotel industries to complete the laundry and cleaning of rooms and corridors. A Huge amount of water goes in the laundry as after every checkout, the large blankets and sheets are changed which required a whole lot of water for cleaning. Because cleaning of the floor is done every day, not much water is required but it is a good amount.
  • Water for luxuries:
    In case a hotel has a pool than one can only imagine the kind of big water treatment systems the management will have to employ to keep it clean. Unlike community pools, the hotel industry cannot afford to clean pools, everyone, a week. Instead, it will have to be done whenever needed and it is because they cannot lose the trust of their customers. It is important for hotels to keep their word or it is easy to lose business. Another luxury item many hotels employ is water fountains. It does give aesthetic beauty to the ambiance but also requires a lot of water.
  • Water for accessory items:
    Hotel rooms have water for coffee brewing, ice cubes and many other needs than just drinking water. The containers have to be refilled every time the customer goes out of the room.
  • Wastewater treatment:
    Here not clean but the waste from the hotel is required. Hotels have to employ wastewater systems to ensure the amount of polluted water going out to the drains and sewage is not more than the recommended level. If found out to be so, the hotel is liable to legal action and can lose its license. Which is why every big hotel chain has to have an RO system installed just for treating wastewater.

Based on the need of the hotel, one can buy a water treatment or desalination system. On the basis of capacities, commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems are the best options. They have a range of capacities that suit the needs of hotel or resort of any shape and size.


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Ampac USA is a leading manufacturer of advanced reverse osmosis water treatment systems. For over 30 years the company has been providing its customers and clients around the world solutions to their water treatment problems. With years of an impressive track record, Ampac strives to develop solutions to make reverse osmosis systems, advanced for improved quality and cost efficiency.


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