How To Choose Industrial Reverse Osmosis For A Factory?

In the 1950s when Reverse Osmosis was first introduced, no one would’ve thought that Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems would become an important ingredient in the 21st century. In the age of globalization, businesses moving forward need ways to run a cost-efficient, law-abiding venture, that creates brand and revenue. In the factories, therefore, choosing the right systems could mean the difference between loss of time and excellent results. In this blog, we’ll share some important pointers to remember before choosing an industrial reverse osmosis system for your manufacturing plant.


  1. Know the business in and out:
    It is crucial for one to be well informed about the field of work. Based on the kind of industry, the requirements vary. Food and Beverage industry requires water for cleaning and as an ingredient too. Whereas a washing machine manufacturing plant may only need it for cleaning purposes. Similarly, a pharmaceutical company needs to stay extra vigilant on the safety standards as the chemicals have water in them, while nuts and bolts factory need not be as hygienic as the former.
  2. Decide the scale:
    After taking note of the industry type, now is the time to categorize the industry that needs Industrial RO system into scales. Is it a small, medium or large size industry. The market, especially Ampac has a range of RO systems based on their capacities that suit each one of these industries. Buying the right capacity system depends on the calculations of how much water does the industry require each day. Also consider cleaning processes, wastewater management, water as an ingredient, maintenance etc.
  3. Find out the requirement:
    Different Industrial RO has different jobs based on what the industry requires. If it is a metal finishing industry, the quality of water you require is going to be completely different than the dairy industry. Based on the level of quality required, manufacturers make specifically designed RO systems that have varying stages, different kinds of semi-permeable membrane too to fit the need. Based on your particular requirement, Ampac USA customizes the make of the system, making it unique to your industry.
  4. Get an expert:
    Once you know the gist of what you need, get an expert on board who could help you with choosing the best product. Products range in capacity from 6000 GPD RO system and varying membrane specifications to 10,000 GPD and different specifications. An expert would be able to put different aspects of a system together. How much capacity is needed, what controls should be present, what quality of water is required and how efficiently it needs to run. An expert would be able to jot the requirements down and provide you with possible options to consider.
  5. Choose an option, make the decision:
    Once you have the options, choose one of them that you feel is the most suitable and now it is your turn to decide whether to purchase it or not. Once you have all the pointers with you, the decision lies with you whether to take it or not. You may want to go back to other options too based on how much funding you have. Just make sure the financials make sense for the return on investment. As a business requiring an Industrial Reverse Osmosis system, you wouldn’t want to buy a machine that costs more in maintenance and offers more downtimes than results. Choose the option wisely and make a decision that is an asset to your business.

Choosing a system is an important task. There have been instances where businesses have faced losses due to the wrong system choice, smaller industries have shut down even because of wrong investments. You can avoid all that by just being aware of what your business needs and everything else will fall into place.

Ampac USA is a long time water treatment system manufacturing company that offers a wide range of Industrial RO systems and expert service with some of the most skilled personnel on board.

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