Drinking water purification at Home

Have you ever felt that the water you are drinking is not as tasteless or colorless as it’s supposed to be but can’t put your finger on the problem? Do you often feel the need to buy bottled water because tap water doesn’t seem suitable for drinking by your family as well as for cooking purposes? If yes then you are not alone. There are many people who feel the similar need to purify the tap water in spite of the fact that the US government has set national standards to purify water to keep away the water borne diseases.

But how can you purify the water? Well there are two most commonly used methods. One is to boil the water and the second one is to buy a high quality drinking water purification system. If you are confused about which method is the best among these two then do have a look over here:

  • Boiling Water

It is the simplest way of purifying water that has been used by people since ages. It is quick and easy process that does not needs any scientific analysis. You just need to boil the water at high temperature for a few minutes (the duration and temperature level depends on the quantity of water you are boiling). This method is very useful for people who want to purify their water by controlling every aspect of the process.

  • How Boiling Water can be Inconvenient?

One of the biggest disadvantages of this method is that you need to spend a lot of time in front of a gas until the water is boiled. If you have a large family then you may have to spend even an hour or two just to purify the water on a daily basis.
Another Disadvantage is that you may get rid of bacteria developing in the water by purifying it but solid elements like heavy metals or pesticides won’t be cleared. You may not even get rid of the foul smell of the water and in most cases the taste would also not be changed.

  • What to do now?

You must be wondering that if you can’t boil water on a regular basis then what the other solution is. Should you buy only bottled water? Well, the answer is No. You can simply purchase a good one among several residential water filtration systems available in the market these days. These filters would be perfect for you if you don’t want to spend hours in front of a gas and wish the technology to help you purify the water in the best possible manner.

  • The cost issueWhole house RO systems

If you are of the opinion that these filters might be costly then you would be pleased to know that there are several small water purifiers available in the market that can easily fit into your budget. You just need to decide which one would suit you the best with regard to the size of your family. It’s better to purchase an RO System that offers whole house water treatment if you have a big family or a Bottle Free Water Cooler as it would save you the hassle of using a different purifier for every person in your home.

Buying a water purifier as per the needs of your family is a necessity as these purifiers would make your life much easier. As long as the filter is in good shape, you would get pure water every day for years. When you use it on a regular basis then you’ll realize that’s its initial cost is nothing as compared to the benefits you are reaping.

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